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“Hi.  I’m a unicorn.  I’m going to be in your neighborhood this weekend.  Wanna meet up?”

That’s how our friend, John, described the email I received recently from a couple of readers.  They were going to be passing near our home base in Salt Lake City, Utah, and wondered if we would be interested in checking out their new coach.  Since we’ve NEVER seen a Platinum II in person, we jumped at the chance.  It’s not our usual in-depth review, but check out this video for a look at this unique coach.


Coach House, for those of you who aren’t familiar with them, build Class B and small Class C (B+) coaches from their facility in Florida.  They don’t have a dealer network, so we’ve never seen one at a dealer.  They’ve also never been to any of the RV shows we’ve been to (which are usually a good distance from Florida), so we’ve never seen one at a show.  And Florida is a really long way from our home base, so we’ve not seen them at their factory.  That’s why Dave and Sandy inviting us in was such a treat.

I’m not going to make a habit of reviewing coaches with people living in them, but this was a rare enough opportunity that I made a little bit of an exception.  In the video, you’ll not only see the RV, but you’ll hear the owners talking about their impressions and the buying experience with the Coach House factory direct model.

A big thanks to Dave and Sandy for inviting us into their home on wheels.  Hope you like the video!