First Look at the New Dynamax REV 24RB

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I’ve reviewed some inexpensive RVs before.  (OK.  Not usually, but there was that one.)  But it’s rare that I’d say I was genuinely confused about how a motorhome could be priced so low.  But that’s exactly what happened when I investigated the new Dynamax REV at the California RV Show in Pomona recently.  We didn’t get to do our usual complete in-depth review, because it was too busy.  But we did shoot this short video to get the word out.

Now Dynamax, for those who aren’t familiar with them, is more known for producing larger and very luxurious RVs.  And when I think of Dynamax, my mind always immediately clicks over to those Class Cs that are built with a freight truck front end.  It’s probably just a guy thing, but I’ve always wanted to drive one of those.  (I bet the towing capacity is enormous!)


But back to the REV.  First off, according to the rep at the show, it’s pronounced “rev” as in, “rev your engine”; not R. E. V.  Next, it’s based on the Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis, so it’s a gas engine; but one that should get pretty good fuel economy.  And the big thing?  It was priced (at the show, anyway) very inexpensively at under $70k

Somehow, they did this without sacrificing quality.  Yes, at that price, you will get a rubber roof and decals instead of paint.  But on the inside, I was checking out the cabinetry, and it’s definitely NOT 1/8″ luan plywood holding this thing together.  There were heated holding tanks – all of them!  It included a black tank rinse system, an outdoor entertainment center, solid surface counters, and a battery storage bay that could easily hold enough juice to keep you going for a very long time.  The unit we show in this video is sort of a prototype, and the rep was even pointing out refinements that they were continuing to make for later production units.

As a point of reference, the Dynamax REV 24RB we looked at has the exact same floorplan, the exact same chassis, and as good, if not better construction than another manufacturer’s similar motorhome – yet this one was priced about eight thousand dollars less.  Like I said, I don’t know how they do this.

But as always, there were a few shortcomings that keep it from being the perfect next RV for us.  Namely, 1) though the tanks are heated, it’s not fully a 4 season RV; and 2) there’s still no indoor bike storage.  Also, it’s not diesel, and Stef and I are kind of diesel snobs.  But for the opportunity to buy into the Dynamax name at this price… we might have to reconsider that diesel thing.

Hope you enjoy the video!

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    72 thoughts on “First Look at the New Dynamax REV 24RB

    1. Carrie

      I love this RB…I’m looking at mh, was looking at the Itasca Viva/Winn Trend, but when I saw this one-Wow. It is much more practical for me. Bigger kitchen. I have a couple of questions though..1. can an oven be placed? 2. where is the back rest for the drop down bed? 3. What does the outside roof look like? Thanks for any answer!

      1. James - Post author

        About the oven… I’m sure anything can be done given enough time and money. When you figure out what it takes to get an oven in there, I’d bet you wind up just sticking with what’s offered.
        I’ve never seen a drop down bed with a headboard (if that’s what you’re asking about). But there are several REV owners on here, so perhaps one of them will respond.
        Don’t know about the roof.

        1. James - Post author

          Interesting! I don’t see it either.
          I don’t know if this is temporary or permanent.
          Anyone have a line into Dynamax?

      1. James - Post author

        Well, we don’t, but perhaps some of the REV owners on here will chime in with their experience???

    2. Angelica

      Hi guys,

      I hope all is well. I know this is an old review, but I’m wondering if you, James, were able to stand up under that drop down bed. I’m about 5’10” when I’m not slouching…
      Was there any particular reason that y’all decided not to go with a rev? Also, have you seen the corner bed model in person? I really like the 24rb and 24cb, but I’ve never seen either in person. I was in an orion rb this weekend, which I figure is probably pretty close to the rev 24rb, but the batteries were dead and the bed was partially down, so i wasn’t able to see if I could stand underneath.

      I’m also wondering if you know of any reputable companies that do solar/lithium installations? And, because I’d be full timing and parking in urban areas and don’t really want to use a generator, if it would be possible to add a second alternator to recharge them? Is that even a good idea, in your opinion?

      Thanks for all of your great info!

      1. James - Post author

        I remember thinking that I wouldn’t mind that floor plan, and if I had to stoop down to get from one part of the rig to another, I wouldn’t have thought so. Knowing that, and that I’m about 5’10”, I’m going to say that I think you’d be OK. As to why we didn’t go with a REV, I think it’s just a tad too big for us.
        The only company I have any personal experience with on installs like that is AM Solar, out of Springfield, Oregon. They do great work and I’ve used them in the past. A second alternator is a reasonable option, but I do NOT think they would install a second alternator for you. You would want to have that done at a mechanic’s facility before you went to AM Solar.

        1. angelica

          thanks for the quick response, james! this floor plan and the corner bed are 2 that i like, but there are none around me to look at. apparently technomadia also used am solar (i saw a review by chris on the dynamax facebook page last night). good references from y’all is good enough for me.

          fyi: dynamax says they are currently debating whether or not they want to use the promaster or the transit for future versions of the rev. not sure if there’s a second alternator option for the transit. all research leads to more research, lol. luckily, i’m not in a hurry. thanks again!

        2. James - Post author

          We really do like the ProMaster chassis. The front-wheel-drive is super easy to drive.

    3. Scott

      Good review. I’m Australian looking for a van to do a cross country trip of the USA and the REV24RB looks as close as I can find. I’m surprised that these aren’t diesel since the platform is really a Fiat Ducato which comes with a rock solid diesel engine.
      The winner for me is the retractable bed. It doubles you space since you don’t need to lug around and entire separate bedroom with you. Best combo of big enough to have everything, but not too big to be a hassle.
      Can anyone point me to other vehicles that have a similar layout (ie retractable bed) for comparison? In Aus we have the Sunliner Pinto and Jayco Freedom which are similar but twice the price.

      1. James - Post author

        The diesel version of the ProMaster is not available in the US at this time. That’s why you’re not seeing it.
        I’m not aware of anything offhand that has *only* the retractable bed. There is the Winnebago Trend which is similar, but both of those floorplans have permanent beds in them.

      1. James - Post author

        I believe it has spark ignition similar to a grill. Self-operating and powered by the vehicle’s coach battery. Haven’t verified this though – just my opinion.

        1. James - Post author

          Uhhh… I don’t actually know.
          If you could send me a picture of the panel, I could probably make a good guess.

      2. Linda Warren

        How much antifreeze will I need to winterize the 24RB (with twin bed configuration) with a tankless water heater???

    4. Angel Krenzelak

      We just bought the REVTB model and can’t figure out where to put the tables when not in use…. anyone have an answer on that?

    5. OlRoy

      Any updates on the reliabilty of this coach? We’re drooling iver a pre-owned one… but not much out there except this great site.

      1. James - Post author

        I’ve gotten a few comments since this review from folks who have owned a REV. Nobody stands out as having a terrible experience.
        But I’m obviously not an owner myself. Perhaps one of the REV owners will see this and chime in?

        1. Steve Kelly

          OK, so this is our first RV we bought brand new in Oregon. We live in Florida but for family personal reasons we had to fly there. We bought it and lived in it for 30 days while driving down thru wine country all the way to LA, then all the way back to Florida. We loved it, but as novices had a few scares as we almost took the roof off before I slammed on the brakes in front of a concrete bridge that was too low! It handles well but the big rigs passing you on the highway will blow you around. We got 15 miles to the gallon on the highway and 13 in the mountains with 4 cases of wine stored. The bed is great but you should turn the seats below and recline them to get more head room by lowering the bed more.
          Everything is idiot proof which helped me a great deal. I’ve owned it for a year now and while in the Florida Keys we got stuck at a restaurant that we walked to because of a bad electrical storm and heavy winds. I forgot to put the awning in and was freaking out only to find that it has a sensor that retracted the awning safely for me while other RV’ers lost their awning!
          The tankless water heater is horrible for boon docking since the holding tank is only 25 gallons, but great when hooked up to an RV site. They had to cut out a small part of the back fender to allow me to attach the dumping hose (they didn’t think that one thru!)
          All in all, I love it. It is just short enough to parallel park in most places and stay within the lines but more living space due to the bed! My wife and I have used it every month for a year now and we both work–it’s a perfect getaway. We’ve even taken it to concerts in Tampa (20 miles away) and just boon docked afterward in the parking lot (with their permission of course) so that we could enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about driving home that night.

        2. Mimi Underwood

          Hi Steve! As soon as I started reading this comment, I knew it was written by you! I was researching how to get in the bed (LOL!) and found your “noodle” configuration on the rungs brilliant. I still appreciate the tour of your REV given on the set of Bloodline. We’re still in the planning stages. Hope you are both well …. RV on!

    6. john tinglin

      I recently had the opportunity to examine and test drive the rev 24. Overall it handled well and is a very decent unit for the price. Strangely, I found that the curbside dining table could not be completely lowered to stowed position because both curbside seats could not be sufficiently retracted to permit the table to fold down completely. Even the salesman was baffled by this. I emailed the folks at Dynamax about this problem. Still waiting for a reply.

      1. Steve Kelly

        I’ve owned one for a year now and love it! The seats just need to be turned/swiveled 90 degrees and the table goes down fine. 🙂

    7. Alex

      We bought a Rev 24rb a few months ago and just got back from a 4,200 mile trip to Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. We love the bed arrangement. It is like the old Treks. The great advantage is that it gives you plenty of living area. The large kitchen area and bath are also nice. We did find the short wheelbase allows one to turn around on a two lane street, but often scrapes when going over a swale (dip in the road at the gutter).

      1. James - Post author

        Great to hear some positive reports back on the REV.
        Since we’re getting a new ProMaster based RV ourselves, I have a question: Which part of your rig scraped on the swales? Was it the Ram chassis? Or was it the extended body on top of it (rear overhang)?

    8. Dan Stewart


      I love your videos and you are searching in the same area as my wife and I.

      Could you tell if you could sit at the table when the bed was down? There is that problem you mentioned a while ago about having two areas, one for sleeping while the other person was awake.

      It seemed like that might work in the 24RB if there was enough room below the bed at the table.

      Thanks so much for sharing all of this,


      1. James - Post author

        Well, the bed only goes down as far as the tops of the seat cushions. So… my thinking is, if you didn’t put the bed all the way down, you could probably sit at the table.
        It would probably feel pretty cramped though. But it should be do-able unless you sit really tall.
        I didn’t see anything in the bed that would prevent it from being halfway down and stable.
        Of course, if the person in the bed then sat up… they’d hit their head.
        Not ideal, but yes, probably workable with some compromises.

    9. Ted

      Since your review came out Dynamax has a slew of new floorplans. I thought the Corner Bed 24CB model might come close to meeting your wishlist. There are two living zones and there appears to be storage space under the bed that might fit your bikes if the exterior door is big enough, or the bed can be raised. 24ft length, Dry bath, big fridge, heated tanks, and space for more batteries check off more items on the list. Maybe they’ll offer diesel soon as well.

      If you don’t like the color scheme, you can always go the identical Coachmen Orion

      1. James - Post author

        Interesting. I wonder how big that exterior door and the storage compartment is.
        Local Dynamax dealer doesn’t seem to have one (of any floorplan) on the lot.

        1. Ted

          Perhaps a better arrangement would be to remove the cushions from one of the couches in the dinette area and mount the bikes there. If there’s nothing vital under the couch you could create even more space. From the picture it looks like you would still have seating for two using the remaining couch.

          The shorter seating in the Trend along with their drop down bed probably wouldn’t allow this arrangement.

        2. James - Post author

          If you’re talking about the floor plan in the video, I thought about that. The problem is, the bed would crush them when it came down. Generally speaking, you need 40 inches vertically to store the bikes. If you add the couch height plus 40 inches plus the bed and mattress height – you’d be sleeping really close to the ceiling! I also thought about removing the couch entirely (you need about 70 inches length to store the bikes), but Stef vetoed that immediately….

          And so the search continues… Appreciate the thought you’re putting in though!

        3. Ted

          I was not referring to the 24RB but the new floorplan for the Dynamax 24CB with the corner bed. This does not appear to include a drop down bed, and also seems to be missing overhead cabinets over the dinette area. I’m guessing the two dinette couches are 4 ft in length so you wouldn’t be able to fit the bikes horizontally. However with the cushions removed you might have 4 to 5 ft of vertical space to work with (6’3″? interior height minus the height of the couch support box). So you might be able to mount the bikes vertically, or diagonally, with the front tires removed and stored under the corner bed. If you totally removed the driver side couch you’d get the entire interior height for the bikes stored vertically and still have the passenger side dinette couch available (or vice versa) and Stef could be sleeping in the corner bed while you’re preparing for a race at 5:00 am. You can check it out here:

        4. James - Post author

          OK yeah, with the Corner Bed floor plan, I see how that could work.
          Depending on what’s underneath that sofa, there could be all kinds of options. I could fit the bikes in there somehow, and make it a nice storage space for the times we didn’t bring the bikes along.
          Now, to find one on display somewhere to check out…

    10. LisaD

      Finally saw this and I was shocked at how high the windows were placed. I couldn’t even see out them when sitting at the dinette. Yet there was plenty of wall space below them for a better placement. It’s almost as if they simply decided to line them up with the kitchen window so it looks better on the exterior – ignoring views from the inside. IDK what they were thinking.

      1. James - Post author

        Lisa – interesting!
        We don’t really remember the high windows from when we were in it. But then again, we were at an RV show, so there was nothing to see!
        I’m going to go back and re-watch our video now and check it out.
        Thanks for adding to the discussion!

      2. Steve Kelly

        If you’re talking about the RB24 I’m not sure what you mean. I lived in this and worked out of it for a month on my laptop at the dining table. I loved the fact that I could just gaze out the window as well. Are you talking about a different RV?

    11. Lee

      Great review as always.

      This is a rather unique bed set up. How is it possible that the bed can reliably support the weight of two adults over an extended period of time? I tried to look hard in the video and I didn’t see any support for it other then rails that it is raised and lowered on. Was there a weight capacity listed?


      1. James - Post author

        You didn’t miss anything – there was no support other than the 4 rails it moves on. I didn’t see a weight capacity listed, but I *think* I recall the factory rep saying it was 500 pounds. Don’t quote me on that, and you’d want to ask Dynamax directly if you were getting serious about it.

        But, for what it’s worth, I see those bed mechanisms in several RVs, and we saw some in Europe as well. I think they’ve worked out the kinks by now, and I wouldn’t sweat it too much – unless you’re close to the weight rating.

        1. Steven Winokur

          they also do have things that resemble and work like seat belts as a backup system. If there were a need, they lock and hold.

          Just for the record, we just bought the 24RB… hasn’t been delivered yet, so all of my answers are based on what we learned at the RV show where we purchased it.

      2. Jay

        This particual bed appears to run on Swintek slide mechanisms.
        The similar drop down bed in the Winnebago Trend is a four-bar linkage mechanism. That bed is rated at 450 pounds.

        1. Jay

          I just looked at a REV at a dealer – I think it was this same prototype. The bed mechanism is actually 4 safety belt-like straps that spool on axles hidden under the mattress (motor also hidden there). The two forward corners also have guide rails (not Swintek mechanism as I guessed before)
          True 60×80 inch queen. Still no operators manual nor load rating printed anywhere.

      3. Steve Kelly

        The bed is supported by 4 seatbelts used as cables of all things! It has a capacity of 880 lbs. I’m 240 and my wife is 170 and we never have an issue but going up the ladder to climb in is cumbersome and the ladder rungs hurt your feet so we used a swimming noodle, cut it in sections and taped that onto the rungs for cushion.

    12. Michael McGrath

      Hello: Interested in what would be on your short list of coaches: Under 24′, Permanent bed, Dry bath ,4 season capability. Do you consider under 24′ up to 23 ‘adinfinitum to under 24’ or 24 ‘adinfinitum to under 25’? Is that distinction important? I am retired after 35 years in the automobile business .My wife and I are looking for our first coach. Not looking to tow a toad. Driving an Infinity QX50 now(Relatively short). Any coach, even B’s start to look big. Price of diesel currently 64 cents more than regular gas in our area. Gas engine seems more attractive. Trying to narrow the choices. Good value is critical to any choice. I like visibility on the passenger side, ex. 2015 Pleasure way Lexor. Comfortable seat would be important. Still have contacts in auto business. Could make some necessary changes to coach. Any comments are appreciated. Keep up the good work!

      Thank You,

      Michael McGrath

      1. James - Post author

        Hi Michael. When we think of under 24′, it’s a very “loose” definition. The Unity models, for example, are just over 24 and a half feet long, and we’d definitely consider those. I don’t think the distinction needs to be too sharp. And honestly, at this point, the big thing for me is can I maneuver it into and will it fit under our RV carport. However, if you are serious about keeping the length down, then Pleasure-Way deserves some serious consideration. They don’t extend their bodies rearwards very much, if at all. Many of their models are under 23 feet! As far as a short list for us, right now, it would be certain models of the LTV Unity (the ones with the fresh water tank insdide), the Pleasure-Way Plateau XL (Stef loves the bed and bathroom, even though it’s not a 4 season coach), and the Dynamax REV (heated tanks get it close to 4 season).

        As far as gas vs. diesel, I try to think of how long I may have the RV. That certainly factors in. If you’re considering your first motorhome, chances are high that you will turn it over and get a new one within a few years. That’s just the way it goes as you learn more about what you like and want in your motorhome. So in that case, a gas engine might make sense. Me, I tend to keep vehicles a very long time (I’ve had my pickup since 1987), so the longevity of the diesel is appealing to me. And though the diesel fuel is more expensive, the diesel coaches typically get better mileage, so it evens out.

        And, as you hint at, depending on what you’re willing to do, just about everything on a motorhome can be changed out – for a price. Thanks for reading!

        1. Michael McGrath

          Hello James, Thank you for the clarification about length and further comments. I contacted a representative from Pleasure- Way this Month(11/2014). In response to my questions regarding winter use, he responded: “Similar to all models we build the Lexor will have holding tanks and interconnecting plumbing lines mounted exposed on the underside of the chassis. We do not offer any winter package or all season upgrade to enclose or heat tanks.” Also, “Michael we do not use thermal pane windows in any of our production.” Thanks Again!

    13. Beth

      Hi. I love your videos and am very impressed with the Dynamax REV. I couldn’t tell from the video if it had dual tires in the back or not. Also, what do you think this rv would get mpg wise? Thanks for bringing this rv to our attention!

      1. James - Post author

        Hi Beth. The ProMaster has only single rear wheels. And if I had to guess on the mileage, I’d say it would get about 14-16 mpg.
        Good questions! I should have mentioned them in the review. Thanks!

        1. Rick

          I love the Pro Master. Drive one for work. Getting 17 mpg after 15000 miles. Has a few quirks: cup holders are almost on the floor, seats a bit uncomfortable, no window A pillar assist handle!. The last is the most troublesome, esp for Old Guys like me!

    14. Roger

      Hey guys, thanks for the great video! I know that bed is no problem for you young athletic types, but I’m just wondering how high the bed when it’s in the full down position? We’ve got quite a few years on you two, and there’s not a lot of jump left in our giddyup!

      1. James - Post author

        Yeah, the bed is a bit high. We did have to hop up into it, but we didn’t think it was that bad. I lower the bed to its lowest position in the video.
        You may want to double check with Dynamax regarding a ladder or something if you are getting serious about one. Surely they’ve thought of that…

        1. Steven Winokur

          it comes with a ladder – stowed under the front of the sofa, not in the area that is accessed from outside.

    15. Chris

      Did they have the Twin Bed model of this at the show? That is 8″ longer but the layout might be a bit better IMO. It seems like the bed in this one would take a bit of a leap to get in to. Did it come down much lower then shown in the video?

      I dont know that its swayed me from wanting a Class B, but it does look really really nice for the price.

      Im curious to see some Ford Transit B’s. Im still hoping to see some twin bed models. The same as your current RV. The Coachhouse Arriva is the only current B with that layout that Ive seen but its crazy price wise.

      1. James - Post author

        They did not have the twin bed model there. Though I assume it would be pretty similar in appointments. I wouldn’t be too crazy about the 8″ of extra overhang out the back though.
        On the model we looked at, yes, you had to climb up to get into the bed. It doesn’t go down any more than what you saw in the video, but neither Stef nor I had any trouble. I don’t recall if they were going to offer a ladder on later models. The one good thing about that bed was that you didn’t have to rearrange anything below to drop it all the way. Some similar models have cabinets attached to the underside of the bed. Those cabinets tend to crush things if you just drop the bed without thinking about it, and you have to arrange cushions underneath before you can drop it safely.

        The Transit should shake things up. Similar capacities to the Sprinter, but (somewhat) less expensive. I would hope that some manufacturers might offer lower priced models based on the Transit soon.

        1. Rick

          The Pro Master bring front wheel drive gives an additional 6″ puff headroom inn cargo area. And no drive train running underneath. This floor plan is shoo much better than the Travato imho b

    16. Peter

      Guys, regarding the Dynamax REV 24RB. It looks like a european car, made by PSA (French). Sold in Europe as a Citroen, Peugeot or Fiat. It’s not as good as Mercedes. I was not impressed by Dynamax cable work you showed us. The wires under the car have no shield, no protection?

      1. James - Post author

        Hi Peter. Good eye. It looks like a European car because it is! It’s based on the Dodge Ram ProMaster. And the ProMaster is the same platform as the Fiat Ducato. So yes, it’s a Fiat. The Ducato, coincidentally, is the platform for a great number of European RVs. While it’s not a Mercedes, based on the long history of the Ducato, I don’t have any worries. Also – finding a Dodge dealer to fix it should be easier than finding a good Sprinter mechanic.

        And – good catch on the cable work underneath. I noticed that myself when I was under there, but didn’t call it out in the audio. The cables did seem “untidy”. One of the things you saw sticking out was a zip-tie. They could use some cleanup and shielding, I agree. I chalked it up to that unit being a sort of prototype, and I’m hopeful they’d do a better job on future production models. Cleaning up the cabling is something I could tackle myself, but others might not be too comfortable doing.

        Finally, I should point out that the tank monitors used probes instead of sonar. You have to kind of expect this on a coach with a lower price point. Replacing them with a sonar system, like the SeeLevel, would be one of the first things on my punch list if I were to find myself in this coach.

        I love it when folks pay close attention to our videos. Thank you for your comments!

    17. jerry ash

      I saw that REV at Pomona. I’m looking to downsize my coach. Took everything in me to walk out of there without owning it. Buying one once it gets out here to West Coast to my dealer. Like your review!!!

      1. James - Post author

        Amen brother Jerry! I’m still scratching my head at how they can do it at that price. Glad you liked the video!


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