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Our RV, Lance, has had a lot of modifications.  But probably none are more significant and extensive than the modifications to his electrical system.  Many of you have asked about getting the same kinds of modification done to your own Class B RV.  But to pull that off, you would have needed to either hire it out, or be somewhat of an expert.

Well, no longer.  Roll the video!



We’ve reviewed Coachmen’s Galleria campervan before.  We liked it – particularly the attention to detail on the cabinets.  Well, Coachmen has been at work updating the Galleria, and they now offer a Lithium-powered option.  We just HAD to review it again.  It’s not a cheap option, but it will get you just about all the significant upgrades that Lance has.  Here’s what I mean:

Lithium Power – the Galleria with the Li3 option has no generator (just like us), a second alternator (the same model we have), a Xantrex inverter (again, the same one we have), and a Lithionics battery with the latest generation BMS.  This battery is actually *bigger* than ours by about 75 amp-hours.  So basically, you get the same electrical whiz-bang that we’ve got… only better.

The Nova Kool RFU 7300 – A dual-compressor refrigerator.  I replaced our refrigerator with this model, which doesn’t run on propane.  It runs just like the refrigerator in your house.  This particular model (with two compressors) is a bit hard to find, but Coachmen got it – the exact same model – in their updated Galleria.

The Dometic Penguin II – We replaced our air conditioner with the Dometic Penguin model this past summer, and noticed (and measured) improved performance.  The Galleria starts off with this AC unit on top already.

Data Logging – You even get the same ComBox from Xantrex and the same model little Wi-Fi router!  These two, in combination, will allow you to get detailed performance data from your Xantrex inverter on a tablet.  Many people might not bother with this, but I love it.

And if those were the only cool things in the Galleria, we’d be pretty impressed.  But they’re not.  This new Galleria has some options and features that we don’t even have in Lance.  For example:

The Shower Miser water saver system – This is brilliant.  Basically, it circulates water through your plumbing system until hot water reaches the tap.  This prevents you from dumping a half gallon of water down the drain while waiting for hot water to arrive.  In a Class B motorhome, that’s a huge deal!  Basically, when the button turns grey, your water is hot.  I wish I had this…

The Cabinetry – I’m a bit of a woodworking nerd, and I know how to build good cabinetry.  But that doesn’t mean I always do it, particularly in the RV.  The cabinetry in the Galleria is some of the nicest that we’ve ever seen in a Class B.  The drawer boxes are solid maple and dovetailed (with no gaps).  Sure, I know how to do this, but I don’t always go through the effort for myself because it takes too much time.  With the Galleria, you get better cabinetry than you have in your house – standard.

Solar Power – You can get the Galleria optioned with up to 300 watts of solar power on top.  You won’t have to add them yourself like we did!

There are actually more updates and neat features (his & hers charging centers, for example), but you’ll have to watch the video to see them all.  But suffice it to say, if you were looking for a rig with top-notch tech, and a solid dose of traditional craftsmanship in the cabinets – you’d be smart to have a look at the Galleria.

That’s all for now!