RV on a Hummer Chassis?! Tour the Patton RV by Wolf Rig

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James and I just got back from Denver’s Ultimate RV Show! We led seminars each day, and if you were one of the people who came out to see us, thanks so much. We had a great time, and loved the energy, the vibe, and the people we met during our time at the show.

We’re always on the lookout for unique and interesting RV models whenever we hit shows, and boy oh boy does the Patton meet that criteria. An RV on a hummer chassis?! How often do you see THAT?

The Patton is made by Wolf Rigs out of Colorado, and they take military surplus Humvee chassis and completely rebuild them– new engine, power train, suspension, springs, etc. and you even get a brand new VIN#.

In the video below, you’ll see a quick one minute tour of the Patton RV, and I tried to fit in as many details as I could. For more details, head over to the Wolf Rigs website.

So watch the vid, then let’s hear what you think, leave a comment down below:  Thumbs up? Things you like? Things they could improve? Would you ever consider an overlander-style RV like this?

There’s a lot of things we liked seeing; the Victron electrical components we found tucked under the dinette seat for one. Plenty of solar. Their choice of Webasto heater instead of going propane. Glad to see lithium batteries, and a large fresh tank, too. It would be fun to take it for a test drive; as I wonder how comfortable it is for long driving days. They do make a point of saying they upgrade the suspension, so perhaps it’s not too bad? If anyone has ever driven a military Humvee I’d be curious your thoughts here, on both driving, and just this RV in general– so comment below!

Enough of my chatter, enjoy the vid!



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    2 thoughts on “RV on a Hummer Chassis?! Tour the Patton RV by Wolf Rig

    1. Graham Smith

      I don’t care for the design of the Laveo toilet they are using (too dependent on proprietary disposable supplies) but suspect it could be replaced with a composting toilet which would be easier to maintain off-grid.

      I saw something similar a few years ago but it was built on the compact version of the Mercedes Unimog chassis. It was formerly a Canadian military ambulance. There are a number of such vehicles for people who want to go really off-grid and have the $$$$ to get there.

      The EKKO cannot compete with something like that but, for what it is, it does a very good job. And for those with a spare $10K, there are suspension improvements to be had. Of course, there’s a big difference between off-road (which this can handle) and overlanding (which is more the EKKO style).

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Indeed! You’re not going to be rock crawling in Moab in an EKKO, and for the buyer interested in doing that, they’re not looking at the EKKO anyways. We like to call the EKKO ‘overlander light’… it can get you out there a little farther and allow you to stay longer than a typical RV, but for people who want to do true overlanding, they’re looking at rigs like the Patton, not the EKKO.


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