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This was the hardest RV secret I’ve ever had to keep…


Just last week, Winnebago finally released their Revel 4×4.  The Revel is the production version of the 4×4 Adventure Vehicle that they showed at last year’s Outdoor Retailer show.  At that show, we made a video with Chris Bienert, who is the designer behind the Revel.  That video turned out to be quite popular, and our page with that video had become the de-facto message board for rumors, hints, knowledge, and product suggestions for the coach.

Well this summer, when we were at the Winnebago Grand National Rally, we got a chance to shoot another review with Chris on the ready-to-be-released Winnebago Revel.  But we couldn’t release the video!!  It was killing me!!  Now that they’ve officially launched (and started selling) the Revel, we’re free to show you this review.

We filmed this walkthrough in the factory, in part of the building that’s like their “skunk works”.  There were concepts for other vehicles sitting about, and we had to be careful not to get too much of them on camera.  I believe they’ve all been released now, so I’m not too concerned if we messed up.  Again we had Chris, and he and I went over the whole vehicle from head to toe, inside and out.  It was great to have the rig’s designer there to ask questions of, and we think it makes for an interesting review.  (Also, it was insanely hot inside the building, so if you see us sweating, you know why.)

One thing we didn’t mention in the video: spare tire. Some of you have asked about it, and it DOES have one; here it is:


We’ve seen the Revel since we filmed this (at the Elkhart launch) but we have not had the chance to take one out for a spin ourselves yet.  You all know that I’m a winter camping mod kind of lunatic, so I’m particularly interested in testing out the winter camping capabilities of the rig. With any luck, once the weather turns cold, we’ll be able to take one to Montana skiing or something.

Until then, enjoy the video!