Winnebago EKKO on the Sprinter Chassis – Our Complete Review

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It’s been a few years now since the EKKO was launched, and we’ve been enjoying the heck out of ours. But if you were to order one now, there’s still a considerable wait before you can get one.  So we were excited to see another chassis option coming to the EKKO family.  This one’s built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, and we’ve been calling it the “SPREKKO”!  It’s a bit longer and taller than the Transit-based EKKO, and it comes with a new floor plan.  We got to take one for the day and we filmed this review.  Check it out!


One thing we want to be very clear on: this is simply an additional option for the Winnebago EKKO.  The Transit product is not going away.  The SPREKKO just gives people a new floor plan and new chassis option to consider.

And as you might expect, a lot of things are very similar between the Transit and Sprinter versions.  The bathroom is exactly the same (except for a relocated air conditioner duct.  The bedroom is about 90% the same – simply being a bit longer in the SPREKKO.  The main differences are in the forward dinette area, where the SPREKKO gets a multi-function dinette instead of the two seats in the EKKO.  There are also differences in the configuration of the exterior storage compartments, which you’ll see in the video.

And while many owners modify their (Transit-based) EKKOs for more serious off-road capability, those kinds of modifications won’t be necessary in the Sprinter 4×4 product.  Right out of the gate, the SPREKKO should be able to handle pretty serious off-road adventures.


If you’re on the fence about which EKKO might be right for you, be sure to come back for our next video, where we’ll get into our impressions of some of the main differences between the two, and exactly what we see each of them excelling at.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions on the EKKO Sprinter, so leave your comments, and any questions, below!

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    55 thoughts on “Winnebago EKKO on the Sprinter Chassis – Our Complete Review

    1. Taya

      Thanks for the great tour you two. I’m looking forward to the comparison video if it isn’t already out.

      Can I make a request please? Is it possible you could actually show how two full sized 29″ tire full suspension mountain bikes would or could fit in the garage. As of yet we have not had the opportunity to try any model of Ekko in this way and that is how we roll 🙂 This is key!

      Thanking you in advance.

      1. James - Post author

        Well, we would if we could, but…
        We have neither 29″ mountain bikes nor a Sprekko to try them in.
        The Facebook Owners and Wannabes group on Facebook might have someone who could try it in their Transit – if you’d like to ask there.
        The Transit garage is the same height, but more narrow than the Sprekko.

    2. Mike

      Just curious (apologies if this has been asked/answered)….I suppose if one were to drop $150K+ on a RV perhaps maintenance cost should not be an issue/concern but I’m curious, how does routine maintenance compare Transit vs. Sprinter? My perception is Mercedes routine maintenance is way more costly?


      1. James - Post author

        In our experience, routine Sprinter maintenance appointments (oil changes and such) are more costly, but less frequent than on a Transit.
        The places to service a Sprinter on the road do tend to be fewer, so that may be a consideration depending on how much you travel.

      2. Brian Reed

        Is this 4 cyl engine now the only engine for the Sprinter? Is the 3.0 V6 Diesel still available?
        Thanks for a great vid!

    3. Rocky Olsen

      Did you by any chance weigh the Sprinter Ekko? The literature all mention 11,030 GVWR, but no one ever seems to weigh one out the door to know the actual cargo capacity

      1. James - Post author

        We certainly didn’t weigh it ourselves. Usually we remember to snag a picture of the OCCC sticker, but we forgot this time.
        We’ll see the rig at the Tampa show in a couple weeks. We can post an update then.

    4. Brannon Batson

      Hi James and Steph, really great video. Do you happen to have a measurement on the width of the door (for the Sprekko or the Trekko or both)? We travel with a stroller-style wheelchair and trying to figure out how hard it would be to get through that door.

      Also, in your follow-up review, it would be really nice to see measurements on the floorspace in the front living area. Thanks so much!

      1. James - Post author

        The door seems the same in both the SprEKKO and the TrEKKO. I think it’s about 22 inches wide (Verified in our “Cat Proof Screen Door” video).
        We’ve already returned the rig, so I don’t have the ability to take any more measurements. Sorry!
        (You can come see it at the Tampa RV show…)

    5. Lorene Adachi

      Hi James – Your review of the Sprekko was great! You’ve mentioned the oxygenics shower head a few times – do you have an exact model number for it? Thank you. Lorene

    6. Sandy

      Also – what about driving off-road. What is the suspension on this rig. Sure – we’d all love that middle-of-nowhere feeling. But if it twists/torques/loosens all the screws/walls/seams inside, well, you get the picture. Plus – with all that fancy-plastic trim, you’d never see the increase in gaps between the walls. No – I’m not bitter – I just want a better product!!! You guys have the ears of Winnebago. I’m tired of sub-par quality. I want another Winnebago product, we have a Vista now, but I just don’t trust them. I’ll spend an extra 75-100k to have peace of mind, but it won’t be a Winnebago. Thanks.

    7. Sandy

      Nice video. But when will generators/propane be a thing of the past. The technology is out there to be lithium (13kWh 48 Volt Lithium Battery System) only. Diesel heater, dual alternator, macerator. You’ve toured the mfg that offers this already – Advanced RV. Why can’t major manufacturers be more like them? This still has seams, one year warranty, the typical Winnebago quality: cheap drawer locks, thin interior walls (probably same 1/4 screws holding it all together). Fit & finish still lacking – gaps in the walls, etc. All this leads to squeaking while driving. The aluminum sheets under the coach will rust with salt. Ask me how I know. Cover that right away!!! Winnebago never adds undercarriage maintenance in the owner’s manual – but there’s a lot of seals that need checking/recaulking. Thanks for the video.

      1. Roger D Carpenter

        Our 2022 Winnebago Revel has a diesel engine with a diesel RV heater. It also has the electric convection cooktop with Lithionics batteries. No gas, no propane and no generator.

    8. Bill


      Thanks so much for the review. That would be a great van, were it not for diesel prices. I’m assuming it’s diesel….

      The floorplan is really well thought out and a real upgrade from the Transit based unit in my option. I’ll be waiting for your comparison video.

      In the mean time I’ve requested a brochure from Winnebago.

      What is the Facebook address for the EKKO group you all administer? I can’t seem to find the right one.

      Thanks again,


        1. Bill


          Thank you for the link. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ll keep working on it.

          The brochures are not yet available but I’m in line for one. I’ll be waiting for the next SPREKKO installment!

          Merry Christmas!


        2. Stefany

          The link likely only works if you’re already logged in to FB. But if it still doesn’t work, you could always log in to FB and then search for the name of the group. Good luck! Facebook can be so wonky.

        3. Bill

          Facebook is indeed wonky sometimes. I can see the page but when I logon, it disappears… weird. I’ll just follow you guys here, on your personal FB page and on YouTube. I’m on Apple products, which seem to not play well with FB.

          Best regards,


        4. Bill

          I’d been on and off the FB WEOAW group a could have times not wanting to take up space while deciding on an RV. Possibly FB has blocked me from even seeing the group in a search. If so, I’ll just get along without the group. I’ll see you on here and The Fit RV FB page!

          Have a great Christmas and New Year.


        5. Stefany

          Well that’s still strange. Facebook does share a list of “unavailable” group members to the admin team, and I know the admins do occasionally clear out those unavailable members from the group; perhaps you somehow got on that list and got removed. I’ll go look and see what I can figure out; and in the meantime, give the link another try!

      1. Roger D Carpenter

        Diesel is more expensive but the diesel engine gets better fuel economy so the price for fuel is basically the same.

    9. Cindy Bijold

      Hello James and Steph
      As usual your videos are always super informative. All the dealers that sell the Ekko should watch your videos as part of their training.
      It will be interesting to mount a couple of mountain bikes in the gear garage.
      I wonder if you happened to notice if the Xantrax inverter/charger panel has now included a Bluetooth connection? The Ford chassis did not and folks have to spend $100 to add that for the app capabilities.

      1. James - Post author

        Glad you like our stuff! Hope it helps you.
        As for Bluetooth on the Xantrex control panel – the panel in the SPREKKO does not have Bluetooth capability.

        1. Joni

          I really like several aspects of this new itteration of Ekko. specifically the greater ground clearance, better 4×4 capability, longer beds, AC relocate, more solar, and the microwave/convection oven.
          what I do not like is the cost to maintain a Mercedes Diesel. Darn it. I also feel that far more serious battery power (like your modification size) is past due as an option. I think the increased battery sizing is bound to come as battery prices are dropping. People are more interested in the alternative camping options than plugging in at a resort.

        2. James - Post author

          We’re all in on the increased battery power. Hope it becomes more of a standard option soon!

    10. Scott Ellsworth

      Happy holidays and thanks for the video.
      What would be the first three mods you perform on the “Sprekco”?
      Also, how well are the bathroom plumbing bits separated from any electonics?

      1. Kevin Scarbel

        1. Install BF Goodrich or Falken Wildpeak LT235/85R16 tires, and that includes the spare tire.
        2. Install 45-gallon S&B fuel tank.
        3. Install an upgraded energy system……five 200 aH Victron batteries, 3000 watt Victron MultiPlus Inverter, Victron Lynx distributors, Lynx Smart BMS, Victron Cerbo GX, Victron GX touch 50, Victron MPPT 100/30 SmartSolar charge controller.
        4. Install Y-valves on the gray water drains
        5. Install a CAtune or Owl Vans Pismo front bumper with 12k Warn Zeon winch.
        6. Install Agile Offroad or Owl Vans differential skid plate and/or Agile cast iron rear diff cover (the oversized factory stamped cover gets snagged…leaks)

    11. Kevin Scarbel

      The 45-gallon S&B fuel tank should be a factory option.

      Most Sprinter owners with the Method Race 903s run 235/85R16s. You’re fudging the rim width by a 1/2 inch but the installion is proven and an industry norm.

      1. James - Post author

        Never forget that Winnebago has a legal department. 😉
        As a vehicle manufacturer, Winnebago has to be very careful about what modifications they make. Mods to the emissions and fuel systems (like adding a non-factory tank) might put them afoul of several regulations. So I’d be surprised if they touched those.
        As for the tires, they’ve obviously changed the tires. But I’d suspect they have constraints there that most individual owners could choose to ignore – but they can’t.

    12. Rob

      Detailed info as always! I’m a little confused about the seating though. At 30:31, it appears the driver and passenger side lounge seats are facing sideways and able to seat two (can also see it at 32:38). But at 32:41, the drivers side lounge seat is facing forward and can only seat one. At 33:40, the passenger side lounge seat still faces sideways, but can only hold one person. Am I missing something?
      Also… this EKKO has a generator. What was the battery capacity? Is there an option to remove the generator and have more battery power instead? Thanks for any info!

      1. James - Post author

        You can configure the seats in a few different ways. And everything you saw is correct. The driver’s side dinette seat can face either sideways or forwards. The passenger side seat only faces sideways. But you can switch things up by moving cushions, dropping tables, etc.

        There are two generator/battery options. One 320 AH battery and a generator, or one 630 AH battery and no generator.

    13. Dave Dye

      Great detail. As a fellow engineer I appreciated the data. Did you happen to get the stock tire size? 245/15/16 is the factory stock but I’m hoping they went up to the 265 (or at least let me do that without a lift). Also is that tank 24 or the bigger 45 gallon? Looks longer than stock but it’s hard to tell.

      1. James - Post author

        I zoomed in on the video so don’t take this to the bank, but… it looks like the tires on this one were Hankook Dynapro AT2 Xtreme in the 215/85R16 size.
        The fuel tank seemed to be the 24 gallon one.

        1. Dave Dye

          Thanks. Interesting they changed the stock tires that much. Also I looked at the spec sheet it’s the 24 gallon tank for anyone else reading along.

          I think there is room up on the roof for another 100 watt solar panel on that roof. And I bet you could cram in another battery where the generator is if you opt that way.

    14. Susan

      When do you think the new vid will be ready for viewing as to which may be right for us? As a newbie trying to make an informed decision between transit and sprinter need all the help I can get!

      1. James - Post author

        Didn’t grab any video of it. But it’s in the same neighborhood as the Transit.
        I do remember the overall GVWR is 30 lbs greater on the Sprinter.

    15. Bruce Gordon Lester

      If you get a chance I would love to see you review the Jayco Granite Ridge. It is an obvious Ekko-clone but it looks good on paper.

    16. Carl Rice

      The extra room is certainly a bonus, but using the Sprinter really steps up the ability to get down and back a lot of dirt roads you might not want to try with the Transit chassis.


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