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I remember how nervous I was when Stef and I bought our first RV a dozen or so years ago. I didn’t sleep for a week as that thing taunted me from the driveway. Back then, there weren’t thousands of RV instructional YouTube channels like there are now, and I actually had to check out library books to learn how to do even the most basic things – like turn on my lights and dump my tanks. I remember Stef laughing at the pile of books stacked on my office floor.  I laughed along, but inside there was terror.

If you just bought your first RV, I’m guessing you can relate. It’s probably because of your new-RVer-jitters why you landed here in the first place. Well I’m glad you did, because I get the chance to tell you what I wish someone would have told me: You may know very little now, but you’re going to pick it all up as you go along. People much less capable than you have mastered RVing! It’s all about just getting out there and learning through experience. Trust me. You’ll be a pro in no time.

So let’s get down to business. You got the RV, check. (And by the way, CONGRATS!)  Now, you need some basic RV accessories to get you started. Here are some that I recommend.

Essentials you need for your New RV (and why you want them):

  1. A good quality sewer hose:  Your RV may come with one, but trust me, there are better ones out there.  This Camco RhinoFLEX hose is tough, and darn near an industry standard.  I’d recommend getting the longest one you can comfortably store.
  2. Electrical Adapters:  There will be times when you want to plug your RV into an electrical outlet it wasn’t designed for.  You’ll need adapters to do it safely.  Whether you want to plug your 30 amp coach into a 50 amp outlet, or into your 15 amp garage outlet, there are adapters to make that happen.
  3. Surge Protector:  While you’re plugging in, you should think about protecting your RV investment from power spikes and surges.  There are portable surge protectors that will do just that.  You just plug them in-line – no electrician needed!
  4. Pressure Regulator:  Sometimes, the water pressure at the campground is higher than your RV plumbing system is designed for.  So it’s a good idea to use a pressure regulator if you’ll be hooking up to campground water.
  5. Leveling Blocks (and Chocks):  There are a lot of benefits to having a level rig.  (Eggs won’t roll off your counters!)  Leveling blocks are an easy way to get there.  And while you’re at it, get some chocks to keep your wheels where you park them.
  6. Water Filter:  If you’d like to keep the water in your RV’s plumbing system fresh and free from contaminants and debris, a water filter is an absolute must.
  7. Elbow (to keep hoses from kinking):  Gravity always works down, but the water connections on your RV may go horizontally.  To keep your hoses from kinking where they exit your RV, a 90 degree hose elbow is just the ticket.
  8. Rubber Gloves:  For, um… obvious reasons… it’s a good idea to keep your hands protected when working with sewage.  Many folks use disposable gloves for this, but these heavy duty rubber gloves will do the job without creating waste.
  9. Holding Tank Chemicals:  RV holding tank chemicals break down waste and help control odors.  I prefer the convenience of the ones in dissolving pods, but there are lots to choose from!
  10. Dedicated Fresh Water Hose:  Keep your fresh water hoses white or blue in color, to avoid confusing them with other hoses, and make sure to get a drinking water safe one as well.  There are lots to choose from!


So there you go. With these 10 essentials, you’ll be all set to take your new RV out for a test camp. You can see all 10 of these must-have items in this YouTube Short below. Feel free to leave me any comments and questions down below!

And hey, if any other seasoned RVers swing by this page, feel free to share your own suggestions for accessories new RVers should consider—comments section below.

Congratulations on your new RV! Amazing adventures just ahead!