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Often times, an RV mattress is just a hunk of foam on top of a plywood slab.  It’s not too hard to do better.  A slatted bed is one solution, and I show you how to add curved slats in this video.


There are two main reasons to add bed slats to your RV’s mattress:

  1. They provide sprung support underneath the mattress (sort of like a box spring).
  2. They allow for ventilation and airflow underneath the mattress.

Bed slats aren’t the only way to accomplish these, but they’re about the easiest.  Now, in the video, you’ll see that we already had the Froli Sleep System installed in Lance.  It accomplished these same two objectives.

But while I was happy with the comfort and airflow of the Froli, I wasn’t at all happy with how it snagged our sheets and blankets every single night.  Also, our style of Froli would suffer from springs popping off and getting lost on the regular – and when your bed is four feet in the air, getting down to chase an errant spring isn’t a whole lot of fun.  These things eventually sounded the death knell for our Froli, and so the first step in this process was removing it.

The rest of the process you can see in the video.

The Stuff I Used

The bed slats I used were just from Ikea.  They were these:

LURÖY Slatted bed base, Queen

One word of caution about these though.  If you live near an Ikea and can get in to get them… go for it.  If you have to order them online, beware.  Though they were in stock at the nearest Ikea, I was given a delivery estimate a full month away.  I figured that was a mistake – because nothing takes a month anymore.  And besides – nobody charges your card until your order ships.  Except Ikea.  Who then sat on my order for 27 days.  On the 28th day, they processed my order and shipped the slats 2-day FedEx.

So basically, if you don’t mind giving an interest-free short-term loan to a giant corporation, go right ahead and order them online.  Don’t ask them for an interest-free short-term loan of your own, though.

I tried to call Ikea to get them to expedite my order at around day 15, since they already had my money.  But their customer service was not taking calls “Due to COVID-19 .”  Which sounds reasonable, until you realize that Ikea is from Sweden… THE ONE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD THAT COMPLETELY IGNORED COVID-19.

Anyway, though I like the bed slats, I’m a little miffed at Ikea.  If you want to go this route, I highly recommend buying them in person to avoid becoming Sweden’s unwitting bail out fund.

Oh – and the plastic pry tools.  I’m not sure if these are the exact ones I have, but they sure are close:

GLISTON 5pcs Auto Trim Removal Tool Car Pry Tool Kit, Door Panel Clip Removal Set for Vehicle Dash Radio Audio Installer

I highly recommend these tools.  They come in handy more times than you might think, and at 7 bucks, you can’t really go wrong.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  Let me know if you try the bed slats!