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There are a lot of mods I’ll be making to Number One, our new Winnebago EKKO, but making sure the cat has no issues getting to his litter box shot right to the top of the list.  You can see all the details in this video:


We realized pretty quickly after testing out an EKKO that there was a fantastic place to keep Mel’s litter box in an exterior storage compartment.  This keeps it out of the way of the living area, but still accessible to Mel whenever he wants.  All we had to do to make it happen was to remove a couple vent covers and he could walk through.

Trouble was, the vent hole was a bit small, and Mel had to really work at it to get through.  Also, it didn’t look… finished.  So, we bought a cat door and I installed it.  Now, the hole is bigger and Mel has no issues getting through.  It also looks a lot better than just the edges of cut plywood.  An added bonus is that any litter box odors are better held in place with the litter box.


On the big “RV Mod Scale of Difficulty”, I give this one a 2 out of 5.  It would be a one, but cutting a hole that close to the floor was a bit challenging.  I had to use my Fein MultiMaster to get it done, since a jig saw wouldn’t have worked.  And, just for link completeness, the cat door I used was the PetSafe Interior 2 Way Cat Door.  (And yes, those are affiliate links.)

The next parts of the cat mod will complete Mel’s “Executive Washroom”.  I’ll be making a special litter box for him (I want a certain size), adding some automatic lighting, making storage for some cat supplies, and partitioning off the extra space.  Look for that in the coming weeks.  (But when I type all that out, it seems like a lot of mods just for the cat…)

Finally, special thanks to Camping World for helping bring you this video.  However you like to #TravelDifferent, Camping World probably has something you need make it happen.


Cheers Everyone!