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Sometimes, my mods work out perfectly the first time.  And sometimes, they’re so horribly uncomfortable, I’m left scrambling for how to fix it.

This video shows one of the latter.


I’ve previously removed a Froli Sheet Snagger System (FSSS) and added bed slats to our old RV, Lance.  That went just fine, and it was plenty comfortable.  But in our Winnebago EKKO, there was something about the foam mattress that just didn’t want to play nice with the slats.  I don’t know what it was, but our EKKO’s mattress felt WAY WORSE with the slats than it did with the FSSS.  Combine that with the fact that I’m a stomach sleeper, and I was pretty close to reversing my mod entirely.

RV mattresses are usually weird sizes, so this led me on a quest to find a mattress that would fit our EKKO’s twin beds.  I found one from Mattress Insider.  I paid full retail for the mattress, and I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about the folks at Mattress Insider.  (Full Disclosure:  we have no relationship at all with Mattress Insider – other than being a customer.)

The mattress is exactly the size advertised (30″ x 76″).  It’s exactly as firm as they represented.  They even phoned me before making it because I had filled in a little comment field on their order page saying I wanted a really firm mattress.  (I didn’t think anyone actually read that stuff, but apparently they do!)  They had options for making the mattress even firmer, but after they explained things to me, I decided to go with their “off the shelf” firmness of 8/10.

Because folks will want to know, here are a few links:


And that’s about it.  The rest of it, well, you can see it in the video.  Even if you don’t plan to mod your bed, it’s a fun one to watch.  (At least, I think so!)