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The first time I watched one of the Leisure Travel Vans videos, I was so amused, I called Stef down to watch it. “You’ve got to see this guy, Dean! He’s like the Dan Aykroyd of RVs!” In the world of dry RV walk-through videos typically found on YouTube, the clips from Leisure Travel Vans really stood out. I found myself watching them just for the entertainment value.

Apparently, I’m not alone. The Leisure Travel Vans YouTube page has over 2.5 million views. To put this in perspective, that’s 10 TIMES more views than RV behemoth, Winnebago Industries! Clearly, there’s something special going on with these videos.

On our recent RV trip, we made a stop in Winkler, Manitoba, and were able to sit down with Dean from Leisure Travel Vans, the main energy source for the videos. In this short interview, we cover RVs, the origins of the videos, and a little bit about Dean himself. Turns out, he’s the same guy in person that you see in the LTV videos.

Hope you like it!