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When you do a lot of riding like us, you quickly learn the value of bike repair stands. And not just for repairs — bike stands even make things like washing your bike much easier, or things like lubing the chain, swapping pedals, etc. Number One has limited space, so I’ve been thinking about solutions for a bike stand we can use on RV trips; one that won’t take much space and will get the job done. I had even bought one that had a portable floor stand, but it was just too big.  The video below shows how I finally solved this. I took a wall-mount bike repair stand and built a mount for it on Number One’s ladder. The stand easily slips in to the mount when I want to use it, and then stores away in the gear garage when it’s not in use.

We share quite a few of my smaller mods like this on our social media channels, but I know many of you aren’t into social media (like me). So, Stef and I are going to try to do better about bringing the potentially useful shares we make on social media here to our website, starting with this one. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below!

Parts You See In Video:

Repair Stand:

Light Bar Brackets:

Painting Triangles (I love these!)

Stainless Bolts, nuts washers: