Best Sewer Hose Storage Ever – The Super Tube!

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Have you ever looked at the sewer hose storage tubes being sold and thought, “wow, what a great idea”?  And then realized that they don’t actually fit your sewer hose with any of its fittings attached, and thought, “wow, what terrible execution of a great idea”?

Yeah.  Me too.

That’s why I was unreasonably excited to find this product at the RVIA show in Louisville:  The Super Tube!


The best sewer hose I ever had, hands down, was a Rhino Flex hose.  Is it weird to say I miss that sewer hose?  Anyway, it wouldn’t fit in any of the off-the-shelf sewer hose carriers, which led me to think that the people who designed those carriers never actually used an RV.  I eventually wound up buying a vinyl fence post (which was square and way too big), and storing the hose in that.  That’s why I’m excited about this product.  It would have fit my old Rhino Flex hose with all the fittings.  It makes me think that the folks at d&w incorporated may have actually used an RV once or twice.

The other thing that’s just genius is the sliding capability.  This means you don’t have to cut anything (and potentially cut it too short).  If your mounting locations are an inch closer together or further apart than standard, it’s no problem.  Simply slide the tube to the length you need and mount it.

Currently sold mainly on-line, this one is a keeper.  It’s good enough that, if I can find a place to mount it, I’m going to add this to our own RV.

So I’m going to head outside now (even though it’s snowing) to crawl under our Travato and look for a mounting spot.  If I can get it figured out, check back for a complete review!

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    24 thoughts on “Best Sewer Hose Storage Ever – The Super Tube!

    1. Aaron

      This is one of your best finds James! I just installed ours today and it fit our Rhino Flex hose perfectly as promised. I can hardly wait to hit the road and put it to use!

    2. Roger

      Our 59K is on the way – June I hope! Our very first RV so we’re total newbies at this. Very interesting video. Read all the comments and I see where you didn’t buy because there was no room to mount the tube on the 59G. Do you have a Rhinoflex sewer hose? I watched their videos too and I can see its advantages. If you do have a Rhinoflex, how/where do you store it? If you don’t, have you found the stock hose to be sufficient in most campgrounds?

      1. James - Post author

        We don’t use a Rhinoflex hose, because there’s no place to store it. We just use the hose Winnebago included with our Travato. However, we have a composting toilet. So we dump very rarely. We’ve actually never hooked up our sewer line at a campground.

    3. Susan

      James, have you looked into the possibility of replacing the built in swere tube with D&W’s Maxi-tube? It looks like it is the same exterior door and opening as their regular Sani-tube but with a larger diameter tube (same as the Super-tube in your review – about 5/8″ larger) and supposed to fit the Rhino sewer hose.

      I don’t know if there is room inside for a larger diameter or how hard it would be to remove the current tube, but seems like it would be worth exploring.

      Maybe it won’t fit, else it seems like Winnebago would be using it so the tube would be useful for the better quality hoses that many owners want.

      Here’s the link:

        1. James - Post author

          I’ve tried a couple of times, but I still have not found a place to successfully mount a Super Tube under our Travato 59G. If I ever figure it out, I will definitely get one!

        2. gordie

          Yes, understand the Super Tube, but what about the Maxi Tube that Susan suggested? That looks as though it would be a direct replacement for the stock Sani Tube and has a 4.25″ id.

        3. James - Post author

          I contacted the manufacturer. Two problems with that. First, though the tube is the same diameter, the opening is the same as stock. So though the hose connections would fit in the tube, they wouldn’t fit through the opening.
          And also, to fit a 15 foot Rhino Flex hose, you need about 48-60 inches of length. There is not that much length to work with inside.
          So basically, that wouldn’t work either.

        4. Pat

          I’ll be getting my Travato K soon and would love to get The Super Tube for a Rhinoflex hose. Can it be mounted in the back along the side of the wardrobe? Thanks for your help.

        5. James - Post author

          Hi Pat – We don’t have a Travato K, we have the G. But I believe the wardrobe is about the same distance from the rear doors as our rear wall.
          There wouldn’t be room there to mount a Super Tube. (Don’t know that you’d want it inside anyways!)

    4. Wayne

      Got one for the same reasons you mentioned- my Rhino hose would not fit in the OEM storage tube (4′) on my 2001 Chinook Concourse.
      Had to have one mounting bracket relocated to accommodate the Super Tube- mainly so I could extend it to its full length.
      Now the Rhino hose and all its fittings store nicely in there!

    5. Andy & Kim

      So simple yet so innovative!
      I’ve bookmarked D&W’s site.

      Reading between the lines, are the Hi-Tech Pit Toilet’s days numbered?!?!?

      Happy trails,
      Andy & Kim

      1. James - Post author

        No. I wouldn’t say that. But we do still have to empty the grey tank. It would be good to have something like this to carry all the fittings outside of the RV.

        But I just quickly looked underneath the rig, and I don’t see space to add one. I’m going to keep thinking about it though, and maybe I’ll come up with something.


    6. carolinarob

      James, Great find.

      I was going to make one out of 4″ pvc the Rhino hose ends won’t fit. This is just what I have been looking for. I just ordered one. I’m going to mount it on our Stowaway2. Thanks for the report.

        1. Judy Moore

          We got a canvas duffle bag, put the sewer hose and fittings in it, and strapped it onto the bike rack with bungee cords. It rests between the two wheel rails and the cords are wrapped tight enough to make it not look like a mess. I have a picture of the back of our Travato that I can’t seem to copy to this reply box so I will send it to your FB message

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