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Have you ever looked at the sewer hose storage tubes being sold and thought, “wow, what a great idea”?  And then realized that they don’t actually fit your sewer hose with any of its fittings attached, and thought, “wow, what terrible execution of a great idea”?

Yeah.  Me too.

That’s why I was unreasonably excited to find this product at the RVIA show in Louisville:  The Super Tube!


The best sewer hose I ever had, hands down, was a Rhino Flex hose.  Is it weird to say I miss that sewer hose?  Anyway, it wouldn’t fit in any of the off-the-shelf sewer hose carriers, which led me to think that the people who designed those carriers never actually used an RV.  I eventually wound up buying a vinyl fence post (which was square and way too big), and storing the hose in that.  That’s why I’m excited about this product.  It would have fit my old Rhino Flex hose with all the fittings.  It makes me think that the folks at d&w incorporated may have actually used an RV once or twice.

The other thing that’s just genius is the sliding capability.  This means you don’t have to cut anything (and potentially cut it too short).  If your mounting locations are an inch closer together or further apart than standard, it’s no problem.  Simply slide the tube to the length you need and mount it.

Currently sold mainly on-line, this one is a keeper.  It’s good enough that, if I can find a place to mount it, I’m going to add this to our own RV.

So I’m going to head outside now (even though it’s snowing) to crawl under our Travato and look for a mounting spot.  If I can get it figured out, check back for a complete review!