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Winnebago offers factory tours of their facility in Forest City, Iowa during most of the year.  The facility is large and impressive, and covers all aspects of production for the Class A and Class C motorhomes.  But something’s missing from that tour:  Namely, Class B production!  When we were at Winnebago last year, we got to tour the Winnebago Touring Coach facility in nearby Lake Mills, Iowa, and this video is the result.


You’ll see several areas of their main Forest City complex in the video as well. There’s a very different feel between the two.  The Forest City complex is large, automated, vertically integrated, and very much a “factory”.  The Lake Mills facility, on the other hand, has more of a “craftsman” vibe to it.  It’s tough to explain, but perhaps you’ll pick up on it in the video.

The thing I found most interesting in the facility is that all models of Era and Travato motorhomes are built in the same set of stations; and they could be interspersed.  In other words, it’s not Travato G on Monday, Era on Wednesday, and so forth.  I can see how that lets them adapt production to meet demand, and it’s more efficient that way.  But it must make it more difficult on planning and scheduling arrival of parts.  And considering that they’re 20 minutes away from Forest City, it’s a serious wrench in the works if they forget something!

Hope you enjoy the video!