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Number One is our first RV that hasn’t been a Class B campervan. So as with all new things, there have been some differences for us to adjust to. Like having a door instead of a slider. That was one of the differences we were looking forward to. No more slider slamming! No more awkward opening/closing with our hands full!

Overall having a door has been great, except for one little issue that wasn’t on our radar. When the main door is open and the screen door is closed, there’s no handle to exit through the screen door. To exit, you have to open a slider in the center of the door, reach through, and then open the door from the outside. From Day One with Number One (ha!) we were confused by this weird design. Turns out it isn’t just EKKOs either. It’s very common with all RVs and trailers! If you’ve got an RV or trailer none of this is news to you, but for us, we’re just catching up. I’m still not sure why they’re made this way, so if anyone knows feel free to school me in the comments below, I truly am curious.

In investigating the screen door exit problem, we turned to Camping World. There, we found an inexpensive little gadget— the RV Screen Door Opener— that solves this problem.

It’s basically a lever you install, so that when you lift the lever up on the inside when trying to exit, it catches on the handle on the outside and bada bing! Door opens, no slider sliding required.

The reviews on Camping World’s website were consistently good on the product so we ordered and installed it. Even though we are Camping World partners and do regular projects with them, we purchased the handle full price and they weren’t involved at all. So, we installed the screen door opener, and have been LOVING it! (..and by ‘we installed’, y’all know I mean James, right?) This little gadget should come with all RV screen doors that don’t have the inside handle. It’s awesome!

We also added a regular pull handle for closing it (see it there along the top?) but really that’s not necessary. We just like overkill.

So, about the install. For James, it was as easy of a mod as they come. You have to drill a hole through the slider—though do make sure you follow the directions and measure your hole location! Of course ours is perfectly spot on (because… James), but I’ve read reviews from others who installed it where they didn’t quite get the hole in the right place so their lever doesn’t always hit the exterior handle accurately.

So don’t just eyeball it! Take your time on getting this right. After you’ve got your hole, you pop in a grommet, add the lever, and your life will be changed forever!

James’ one tip is to use a step drill bit. Any drill will do, but using a step drill bit will make it much easier.

Just to be clear, it doesn’t change the way the doors lock, or close, or work in conjunction with each other. You’re not removing anything, so it all works the same. All you’re doing is adding a way to open the door from the inside.

So, who is this NOT for? Apparently, owners of German Shepards. One RV couple had trouble after their German Shepard figured out how to push the lever up and would let himself out whenever he wanted. On our EKKO screen door, we have a deadbolt. If we had a smart (and sneaky!) dog, we’d still get this handle, and would also get in the habit of keeping the deadbolt locked on the screen to thwart his escapes. And honestly, we were a little worried about Mel our crazy cat figuring it out.

He gets doorknobs at our house, and if this lever worked by pushing it down, and not up, he’d already have figured it out I’m sure. Glad they designed it to unlatch by lifting upwards!

And apparently, it doesn’t work with Airstream trailers either. Other than German Shepards and Airstreams, it sounds like it should work for anyone else looking for a way to open their RV’s screen door without doing the slider reach-through!

So what do you all think? Anyone else have one installed and have thoughts on it? If so let’s hear it down below in the comments!

And if you want to read the reviews or get your own over on Camping World , CLICK HERE!