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One of the things you have to worry about with an RV mattress, that most people never even think of at home, is trapped moisture leading to mold and mildew problems.  There are a couple of systems out there to prevent this, and I discuss a few in this video, including something called Hypervent, which is what I elected to install under my own bed in the RV.


The principle behind it is simple: keep the mattress elevated to allow airflow underneath, and keep moisture from accumulating.  If you have a Winnebago EKKO, like we do, your beds already came with a system by Froli that does much the same thing.  But I decided I didn’t like the Froli, because it kept snagging my sheets.  Then, I installed some bed slats.  But I ultimately decided I didn’t like those either.  And so here I am installing the Hypervent.

I purchased my Hypervent from Mattress Insider.  But I found this stuff on Amazon, which seems to be exactly the same product – just sold under a different name.

If you go this route, it really is as easy to install as I show in the video.  And it would have been even simpler if I were installing it on a “normal” RV bed.  But the beds in our EKKO are hinged and move.  This meant the Hypervent had to move as well.  Making those cuts, and getting them OCD-neat made this take a little bit longer for me.  But on a normal, rectangular, non-moving bed, this would be a 2 minute project.

Does It Work??

I honestly don’t know yet.  I see no reason why it won’t work, but I haven’t put this through its paces.  In about a year, we’ll have been through a hot and humid summer, and a good and cold winter.  If we make it through those, then I’ll be happy to give it my endorsement.

(Somebody remind me in a year to come back and update this post!)