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When James and I scouted out the RVX show looking for useful RV-life products, the Omnia Oven was at the top of our list:


The video pretty much explains it all, but in a nutshell, the Omnia Oven is a portable “oven” alternative that you use on your propane cooktop. The whole thing is no bigger than a bundt cake pan with a lid, so its compact size makes it van-friendly.

Now, to be clear, we’ve just gotten our Omnia and I haven’t put it to the test fully just yet. So far I’ve only used it to make a recipe out of their cookbook, “Thick Pancakes,” and they turned out great.


To make Thick Pancakes, you basically just take a pancake mix, make it to directions minus a little water, add an extra egg (I added two), and then you pour the batter in the pan so it comes out shaped like a bundt cake. We are suckers for the healthed-up pancake mixes made by the Utah company “Kodiak Cakes” (no we aren’t affiliated with them, we just really like them). Their mixes use 100% whole grains and are packed with protein… their buttermilk mix has 14 grams of protein in one serving! IN PANCAKES!!! So that’s what we used.



Making the “Thick Pancakes” recipe was an easy and quick test to see how the Omnia Oven fared, and it cooked up without any trouble in about 20 minutes. We were cooking for a group of 5 of us, so really it was much easier than making individual pancakes for that many.

I’m looking forward to trying homemade bread next! They have a bunch of bread recipes in their cookbook too, so that’s my plan for my next experiment with it.

But the Omnia is not all just about breads! There’s a small cookbook specific for the oven (that’s sold separately) with lots of ideas for things you can make with the Omnia:

  • Various baked fish recipes
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Minced meat pie
  • Egg Casserole
  • Ratatouille

Plus some strange ones that are likely more common in Sweden where the product originates, and certainly have me curious, like these:

  • Minced Beef Corona with Chanterelle Sauce
  • Baltic Herring Rolls

Anyways, if you’re missing an oven in your RV and only have a propane cooktop, the Omnia Oven might be a great solution for you. I’ll make sure to report back once I’ve used ours a little more. There was a picture of a lasagna made in the Omnia in their RVX display… I’m determined to try a lasagna in ours too; so stay tuned!

And if anyone else has one and can speak to it, make sure to leave comments below!