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Hang out with RVers long enough and the topic of coffee in the RV inevitably comes up. And I must admit (coffee snobs DO NOT READ THIS SENTENCE), we do a lot of instant coffee in the RV (warned ya) and that seems to work out fine for us.  But one thing I really REALLY start to miss on road trips is espresso. Not sure why, but I’ve always preferred the taste of espresso to coffee. And! I love how espresso can be easily doctored up and made to taste a bazillion different ways depending on what flavors you add. Can’t do that with coffee. Well, you can, but yuck.



So! We recently got our mitts on two different portable espresso makers from the folks at Handpresso, a French company, and gave them a spin. Full disclosure, I’ve had my eye on Handpresso for quite a while now and finally couldn’t stand it any longer, so I reached out to them. We ended up getting them for free (I’m sure it was my witty charm) but made no deals with them beyond that to do a favorable review or try to sell them in any way shape or form. So, this is all us and our honest thoughts. We simply liked them and thought you might too.

Here are the two espresso makers you’ll see in action in our video.

Handpresso Wild Hybrid:

This fantastic little gadget (emphasis on little!) requires no electricity or battery whatsoever and can make you a delicious shot of espresso literally anywhere. You simply pump it up to get it pressurized (like a bike pump), add hot water & espresso, and press the button. Easy peasy! Just like that, you’re sipping espresso on the road. Or at the campsite. Or, while we’re at it, how about on top of Mt. Rainier…how cool would THAT be? The only thing you’ve got to bring to the party is some hot water. For RVers, obviously that’s not a problem. And did you SEE the color of our Handpresso Wild?! YELLOW! Like our RV! Was that meant to be or what?!?

Handpresso Auto:

This espresso maker goes a step further and heats the water for you. It plugs into a 12-volt outlet and conveniently fits inside a cup holder.  So, this becomes a brilliant option when you’re driving along and you’ve got a co-pilot to run the show. The co-pilot simply sets it in the cupholder, unwraps the cord, plugs it in to your cigarette lighter, adds some water and espresso, and BAM! Best tasting  cup of espresso you’ve ever had driving cross-country going 70mph (I mean 65mph honey, of course I never speed when you’re napping in the passenger seat).

You’ve got two options with these, either ESE pods or loose espresso grinds. We used pods for convenience and bought them in bulk on Amazon so we’re committed now! Can’t imagine ever wanting to bother with grinds because the pods rock. But that’s just me, I’m lazy.

Watch the video, go grab a coffee (or espresso?), and then leave us some comments below!