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Hi everyone!

As the weather is starting to warm up, many of us are thinking about spring RV trips.  If you put your RV away for the winter months, you likely did a number of things that you need to “undo” before it’s trip worthy.  In the March 2022 issue of RV Magazine, my article “Get Ready To Roll” is a checklist of things you should be looking at before heading out on your first trip.  The list in the article contains about 30 steps and checks.  But don’t let the size of the list deter you from completing it!  Try to have a little fun with it, like we did in this video!


We didn’t complete the whole list in the video, but just hit a few of the main ones.  The point of the checklist is to ensure that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises during your first trip of the season.  You’ll have tested out all your major systems before hitting the road, so you won’t have stuck dump valves, malfunctioning fans, or an air conditioner that doesn’t blow cold.  (We’ve had all of those over the years, and none of them are any fun!)

Also – even if you’re like us and RV during the winter months, you should run through this checklist once a season.  It’s your RV’s annual checkup!

For the whole article and the complete list, check out RV magazine.  It’s available on newsstands now (if you’re reading this in March of 2022), or you can subscribe to the print or digital editions.  Stef and I both write for them monthly, and we don’t post all of our articles here, so if you like our tips, you know what to do.  AND!!!  If you use our discount code (FitRV25), that will get you TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF your subscription!  Sweet!

Have a great first trip of the season everyone!