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If you were to ask Stef if I had any annoying traits…  well, I hope you packed snacks, because you’d be there a while.  But somewhere in her list would be my obsession with getting our RV to complete, absolute, True Level – every time we spend the night.  If you’ve ever seen someone running around behind the Cracker Barrel at 1:30 AM putting blocks under his tires – it was probably me.

Until they make “RV shims” in 3mm increments (wouldn’t that be cool!), this video will show you how I level our Winnebago EKKO using the LevelMate Pro+, and how I completed the install.


I had written here before (no video) on the LevelMate Pro, and that’s what we used in Lance.  In the spirit of full disclosure, they sent me that previous LevelMate Pro to try out.  This time though, there was no question.  When we got our new RV, I knew we were going to install another one, so I just bought it on Amazon and paid full price.  Once you’ve experienced level… it’s tough to go back.

I was happy to see that they had made some improvements since our last LevelMate Pro.  The biggest improvement in my book is the addition of an actual physical on/off switch.  That fixes what was my biggest complaint with our last LevelMate Pro – battery life.  The previous version had an “auto shut off” that I’m never sure actually worked, and you had to replace the batteries every two months.  This new version still has the auto-off, but it also has a physical on/off switch, so when you’re done leveling, just switch it off and you know you won’t be burning up your batteries.

The “+” version actually has a much bigger battery than our original LeelMate Pro as well.  Between the switch and the ginormous battery… OH!  AND the ability to power it via USB!  I doubt I’ll ever find myself changing the battery in this thing.

Apart from that, the leveling experience works exactly like you see it in the video.  The only math required is simple addition and subtraction.  You do have to decide how granular you want the information to be.  As in – right now, mine shows me data with a quarter-inch resolution… even though my blocks are each one inch tall.  I left mine that fine a) because I’m me and I like as many significant digits as I can get, and b) because I can tweak the air suspension in the rear to a quarter inch, and c) because we’re going to install leveling jacks someday that might be able to use information that granular.

Even after we get leveling jacks installed and calibrated to zero us out, I plan to keep using the LevelMate Pro+ to double check and fine tune the results from the leveling jacks.

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