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We’ve had our Winnebago Travato for about 3 years now.  In that time, some things have started to show normal wear and tear.  (This is in addition to the things I’ve torn up on purpose!)

One of those things that has started to wear down are some of the cabinet latches, which can lead to some annoying/funny moments as you’ll see in this video.  This drawer opened every. single. time. we. turned. right.


Basically, this kind of thing happens when plastic parts start to wear on each other.  Winnebago has since moved to metal latches in their Travato cabinetry, and I suppose I could have ordered some of those latches.  But this kind of foolishness never happens when you’re sitting at home and it’s convenient to wait for a package.  It happens on the road.  So I wanted to show you what you can do to fix the issue from the road.  The parts for this cost no more than a couple bucks (assuming you already have a short Philips head screwdriver).

Basically, I shimmed the catch part of the mechanism.  There’s nothing glorious or fantastic about what I did.  But I did want to show that – no matter where you are – you don’t have to live with this kind of annoyance, nor do you have to make an appointment at an RV service center for around 13 weeks from now.  Just a couple dollars at any home improvement center and 10 minutes with a screwdriver will get you a completely satisfactory repair.  Nearly anyone can do this!

I know RV service wait times are a sore spot with many.  I hope this helps you avoid one more trip.

See you on the road! (… which now includes right turns again.)