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If you’ve followed our site for a while, you know that I’ve got a thing for sound deadening and insulation.  After adding it to the cargo doors of our Travato (which is based on the ProMaster), I wanted to add it to the driver’s and passenger’s doors.  The first step there is to remove the trim panels on the insides of the doors.  Since that isn’t as straight forward as the cargo doors, I thought I’d make a little video to show you how.



What I show you here is applicable not just to the Winnebago Travato I’m demonstrating on; it should be exactly the same on any ProMaster-based RV, or even just the ProMaster van itself.  It’s not terribly difficult, but you will need a couple tools.  First, and most important, you’ll need a Torx T27 bit or driver.  (Not 25, and not 30… 27.)  You won’t even be able to get started without it.  The other thing you’ll need are some gentle prying implements.  I got my set for like $5 from Harbor Freight Tools, but in a pinch, you could probably improvise something.

Once you’ve got that, watch the video and it’s a 10 minute process (allow yourself 30 if it’s the first time you’re doing it).  Then you can go nuts with the Dynamat, Fat Mat, Hush Mat, or whatever you want to add.