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In addition to what we post here, Stef and I have also been contributing over at  Those of you who subscribe to our YouTube channel have probably already seen the videos, but there are also some articles there (that don’t have videos) that you may have missed.

For example, Stef wrote an interesting piece on how being social helps you to live longer.  Seriously.  Who knew?!

Stef and the Introverted RVers


And I’ve put up a couple videos for them.  The first was one exploring the Energy Management System that Winnebago is putting in their small coaches.  This is a gizmo that helps keep you from tripping circuit breakers in your RV.  And you might think that this is just a Winnebago thing, but at the Pomona show recently, I saw that other manufacturers were following Winnebago’s lead and adding an EMS in their coaches as well.

EMS Control Panel


And finally, just this week, there’s a video that explains Winnebago’s solar power option, and walks through the process of adding a solar panel to the roof of our Travato.  (Spoiler alert… it’s really easy.)  We’ve got 300 watts of solar panels on our roof now, and when it’s sunny, we get plenty of free energy.

RV Solar Roof


And if you dig around, you might find a couple other things over there that we’ve written, as well as interesting stuff from their other contributors.  Not the least of these is a video wrap-up from the Driftless Adventure, which was our shakedown cruise with our new Travato.  If you watch closely, you can spot Lance rolling along in the video!

Don't look down!

Don’t look down!

Anyway – if you haven’t stopped by the winnebagolife website, you’ll probably want to check it out.  Cheers!