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This one was kind of fun, and something you could probably pull off yourself at home.  Rather than be concerned about what sort of “departure angle” we had on our Winnebago Travato, I decided to measure it.  The result is this video.



All it takes is a reasonably flat surface, a sheet of plywood, and a Digital Angle Guage.  The one I used costs about thirty bucks on Amazon.  Beyond that, it’s just as easy as what you see in the video.  Give it a shot with your RV!

The results, in our case, were pretty darn good.  Due to the small rear overhang of the Travato, we got a 13 degree departure angle.  I think I’d be a lot more concerned if I had one of those class C RVs with 15 feet hanging behind the rear axle.  In terms of road signage, 13 degrees equates to about a 23% grade, which is pretty darn steep.  If you want a visual of what that kind of departure angle looks like, here it is:

Actual Departure Angle

Fortunately, in North American RVing, grade changes like that happen just about never.  So, I’m officially crossing “departure angle” off of my list of things to worry about.

Perhaps I’ll tackle “Ground Clearance” in a future video…