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It’s hard to believe, but we’ve had our Winnebago EKKO, Number One, for over three years now.  This makes me feel old.

But do our batteries feel old?

Shortly after getting our EKKO, I embarked on The 20k Project, where I installed 20,000 watt hours of capacity in our EKKO, and made some other improvements.  We chronicled that in a series of 4 videos.  And I closed that out by saying we’d come back in a while and let everyone know how it was going and how our batteries were doing.  It’s been three years now… that time has finally come, and the video is below.


The Lithionics Battery App

To do a 3-year checkup on our batteries, I go into detail with the Lithionics Battery app, which works with Bluetooth-enabled Lithionics batteries.  There really is a lot of information in the app, and I walk through all of it, including what I use to keep tabs on our own battery bank.  You don’t have to have five batteries – the app is just as useful for managing one.  And after watching this video, you’ll know what information is available to you.  The app has two pages of information per battery.  The first page is a “right now” page, with in-the-moment readings, and the second page is more in-depth, and has relevant lifetime and odometer type statistics.

So How Are We Doing?

Well, you’ll need to watch the video for the full story, but here are a couple top-line results from our battery checkup.

  • After 3 years of use, our fully-charged battery has 319 Amp Hours of capacity left of its original 320.  That’s 99.7% of our original capacity remaining.  Amazing.
  • In spite of our linear stack of parallel batteries, each battery is still carrying approximately 1/5 of the total load – each within 2.5% of all the other batteries.

Based on that, I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, and I don’t foresee any immediate changes to our usage or installation.

Help Me by Taking This Survey

Well, actually, it will help us all!  I’m genuinely curious about the “Aging Factor Temp” and “Aging Factor SOC”.  I know what my values are, but I have no idea if those are good numbers or not.  I really want to collect some data on this.  SO… if you have Lithionics batteries, please dig in to your battery app and take the survey that I’ll link here:

Lithionics Battery Aging Survey

You will need to plug in and get your batteries charged to 100%, but that’s the only prep work you’ll need to do.  I won’t be grading anything, I just want to collect and share the data.  I’m also specifically not collecting email, or any other personally identifying information.  I just want to know how these batteries age.  (I’d bet Lithionics would like to know as well!)

We’ll see if I get enough responses to be meaningful.  I’ll publish the results on the website in a separate post when I’ve been able to analyze the data.