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GoSnug FitRV Cover Photo

One of the perks of having a quasi-popular RVing website is that we get to go to some trade shows that aren’t open to the public. The Outdoor Retailer (OR) show is one such show that happens twice a year, right here in Salt Lake City, and it’s a total blast to go and scout out new and cool products for RVers. This is the show where we first ran into Burnie: the self-burning grill, and where we picked up our new headlamps, the LED Lenser SEO series AND where we discovered the brilliant SylvanSport Go popup trailer:

SylvanSport Go

A “Go” all set up. How cute is that?!?

But this winter, scheduling was working against us, and we only had one day to spend at the OR Winter Market. We had to leave crazy early the next morning to film for a TV show in Tucson (more on that later). So after a couple meetings with exhibitors, and a meet-up with the crew from Winnebago, we didn’t have much time for scouting products. We had to be choosy.

We had heard about a new blanket maker that had a booth at Outdoor Retailer, and we both agreed that this would be the one stop that we would make time for: GoSnug. We were particularly interested in this blanket because we were having real problems with our current blanket, and the high-tech-yet-very-natural blanket seemed a good fit for our Fit RV lifestyle.

After reading that, your first question is probably, “How in the world do you have problems with a blanket?”

James By Ceiling

Allow me to explain. First off, we basically sleep up at the ceiling in our Class B RV! Our RV is modified to allow for bike storage underneath the bed. This means we sleep pretty high up, where it’s warmer. Our old blanket (actually an old puffy comforter) was plenty warm. In fact, it was too warm, and didn’t breathe, which led to a lot of sweaty evenings. Not only did our old comforter take up half the space in the already cramped bed area, it also made it difficult to put the murphy bed away. And finally, it was a dirt magnet – we couldn’t ever take it outside the RV unless we wanted to sleep underneath mud.

That’s why we were keenly interested in the GoSnug. It promised warmth without the bulk. It’s a blanket made largely of wool (and Merino Wool) with a technical stain and water resistant cover. The lack of bulk, the warmth, the breathability, and the stain resistance put the GoSnug at the top of our list for the OR show.

GoSnug Booth and The Fit RV

James chatting with a GoSnug rep at their booth.

We found the GoSnug booth in the organized chaos of the OR show, and struck up a conversation with Rob Nowak, the owner and creator of GoSnug (he’s sitting at the table on left). Rob was excited to meet us, because he was thinking the GoSnug was a natural for RVers for the same reasons we did. Rob and his entire team were friendly, down-to-earth types that really believe in their product. So far so good!

Rob really wanted us to try out a GoSnug in our RV, but there was a problem. They had limited samples available, and the only one in the right size, and of the right color, was scheduled to be– of all things – in a fashion show that evening! Seriously, a fashion show – with a runway, shirtless models, cocktails, thumping music, blinking lights, and, yes, our blanket. Our blanket was wrapped around this male model as he strutted the catwalk:

GoSnug Fashion Show

There it goes! This exact blanket now resides in our RV. As if I needed more proof that life is weird…

We hung out at the fashion show to see our new blanket on the catwalk, and when that was done, Rob went and ripped it off the model and packed it up for us. GoSnug in hand, we scurried out of the OR show until next summer.

So?… How did it work??

GoSnug on Bed

First – we had the medium, and found that it fit our odd-sized bed in the Travato perfectly. There was no extra bulk, it’s such a light blanket and packs down nicely. We were able to make the bed easily, and it didn’t impede the murphy bed at all when it was time to store it. In a Class B RV, everything has to justify the space it takes up, and the GoSnug aced it in that department.

The GoSnug also cleaned up in the versatility department. The “Durasnug Stretch” layer really was water resistant. We discovered this at the same time we discovered that our new tea kettle leaked from the spout. The (very hot) water just rolled right off the GoSnug. That protection layer also meant that, unlike with our old comforter, I was able to have my morning coffee outside (with temperatures in the 30s)!

Morning Coffee

Coffee, solace, a crisp sunny morning. Yup, I’m diggin’ the new blankie…

And finally, it slept like a dream. I probably don’t need to remind you about the benefits of wool, but let’s just say there’s a reason people have been using it for centuries – in spite of new wonder-fabrics that come along. Wool is a great insulator, it retains its insulating properties even if it gets wet, and it breathes.

The GoSnug sports two different kinds of wool – an insulating wool layer, and a Merino wool base layer (next to your skin). The GoSnug kept us warm, but not too hot, and not sweaty, even as we spent the night up on the ceiling with freezing temperatures outside. In short, the GoSnug met all the objectives we had for an RV blanket, and Rob’s not getting his blanket back. (Sorry!) The GoSnug has earned a permanent place in our RV, and it’s the only blanket we’re carrying from this point out.

GoSnug James

Getting a GoSnug –

The GoSnug is not currently sold in stores. For right now, you would have to go to their website ( and pre-order a blanket.

The GoSnug is sold as a luxury item, so it’s going to cost more than that blanket from a street vendor with a portrait of Elvis that James really wanted to stop for. But the good news there is that the company is run in Montana, by a group of people who really believe in their product. So your purchase of a GoSnug will keep your money at home, and will help support a fantastic bunch of folks. And, sorry James, the blanket itself is way classier than that Elvis thing.