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By now, you’ve probably seen the videos and posts from “The Fit RV’s European Vacation” where we went RVing around Europe.  One of the things we haven’t shared yet is that we got to spend a couple days at the Truma Headquarters in Munich.  (Well, technically, the HQ is in Putzbrunn, but who’s counting.)  While we were there, I took full advantage of the opportunity to talk to engineers and gather information about some Truma products you may have seen over here in North America (and some that we can’t get here).  This video is the result:



To say I had fun would be an understatement!  The video is more or less divided into 5 segments.

  • Inside the Truma Combi.  Literally.  Inside the Truma Combi… while it’s running… and on fire.  If you don’t know what a Truma Combi is, it’s a comfort heater and water heater in one appliance that runs on propane, electricity, or both.  Besides playing with fire, I learned about the operation of the multi-stage burner, and got confirmation that winterizing the Combi is much easier than people want to believe.
  • A History of Truma.  Though the company is best known for its RV products today, that’s not at all how they started out.  The company really got its start in the aftermath of WWII, when the founder just wanted to teach English after dark.
  • The Truma Aqua-Go.  While some of Truma’s North American products are adaptations of European designs, this instant water heater was a fresh design created specially for the North American market.  This is designed for the way we RV, and it’s got a temperature stabilization feature that puts it ahead of all the other instant water heaters.  Also, I can’t resist touching where you’re not supposed to.  🙂
  • The Truma LevelControl.  This was just released into the European market while we were there over the summer.  It’s a product that measures the amount of propane (or butane) left in your gas bottle with sonar.  It’s incredibly accurate, and once it knows your bottle geometry and your usage habits, it can even predict when you’ll run out.
  • The Truma Mover XT.  This product is so cool, it made me want to get a travel trailer.  I don’t actually need a travel trailer, I just want one so I can play with the Mover product.  If you have a travel trailer, imagine parking it like a remote control toy car!  I actually had about 40 minutes of footage of this thing because I didn’t want to stop playing with it because it was so cool.  Eventually, Stef made me stop.


But beyond that, both Stef and I were impressed during our visit with the Trumanner (that’s what they call themselves!).  Everyone we met had a genuine pride in the work they were doing and the company they worked for.  The company seemed dedicated to reducing waste, minimizing their footprint, and looking out for the environment, which are values we can relate to.  And the emphasis on quality in all phases of production was tangible (though difficult to show in a video).

There are other things we saw that we didn’t include in the video in the interest of time.  But do know that they have a complete factory service center for their end customers; mobile vans to service customers on the road; and solar panels covering much of their roof area (you can see that on Google Maps).  All in all, we had a great visit, and we left feeling good about using their products in our own RV.

That’s all for now!