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Eventually, all good things that make your knuckles bleed must come to an end, and so it has with our refrigerator replacement project.  The Nova Kool RFU 7300 is in, the dual compressors are running, we’re camping, the beverages are cold, and the salads are no longer frozen.  Life is good.  I walk you through the finished product in this video:


Beyond the video, and the fact that we do not miss our absorption refrigerator one bit, there’s not much more to say.  There was a flurry of not-very-interesting-activity-to-video towards the end.  Lots of cutting, trimming to fit, moving things in and hooking things up. There was a bit of excitement when I had to drill some holes into our microwave that Stef didn’t know about…

I’ve also continued the carbon-fiber-door theme from my last cabinet rebuild.  Stef is after me now to do something to the lone woodgrain wall in between the two sets of laminate cabinets.  That means it will probably happen.

Beyond that, the project is what it is.  I’ll be doing a post at some point in the future where I figure out the electrical load of the refrigerator, how long it takes to cool, how long I can run it off of batteries, etc.  But those will have to wait, because like I said… we’re camping now!


Oh.  Also.

FOR SALE:  One RV absorption fridge.  Slightly used.  Excellent lettuce freezer.