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If you’ve seen my chat with the Texas RV Professor, you know that my AC shroud gets cracked or damaged all the time. Seriously.  EVERY SINGLE YEAR since I’ve had the RV.  I can’t be the only person that this happens to, because Camping World keeps them in stock at every store where I’ve ever asked about them.  (You can also order them online, like this one, if it’s not convenient to get to a Camping World.)

Well, when I went to Camping World to pick up a new one, they offered to replace it for me… for a fee. That’s when it occurred to me that maybe not everyone knows how easy this RV maintenance task is to do yourself.  So that’s why I made this video of the process of replacing the Air Conditioner shroud on our Dometic Penguin 2.

I also threw in straightening the fins with a fin straightener comb, and cleaning out the unit with compressed air.  You can buy the same fin straightener comb I use in the video from Amazon, and it’s only about 12 bucks.  I like this one, because it has a variety of fin spacings, and you can use it for the home air conditioner, other car air conditioners, etc.

The video is 6 minutes, and the whole process didn’t take me much longer than that.  It took more time to make the video than to do the repair.  Seriously.

Be safe when you do it, and this project is one of those 80% of RV projects you can handle yourself.

See you on the road!