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Now listen guys. Just ignore everything else on our website.

(…well ignore all James’ stuff; continue reading mine…)

You’ve landed on the MOST. IMPORTANT. RV tip. We can give you.

And it’s this:

Using RV Packing Checklists will change your life.

I mean it. No bull here. If you’ve always packed by the seat of your pants just trust me on this. You HAVE to try using a list. Or, in our case, lists…plural. Y’all know we’re a little, uh, well let’s just say it like this…slightly rigid? (and one of us more “slightly rigid” than the other…) So we’ve got more than one list we use when trip time rolls around. I shared versions of these ages ago over on the Winnebagolife website, but they weren’t in fancy printable style sheets, so these are way better. Print them off, put them on your clipboard, and just like that, you’ll be on your way to the most pleasant trip pack you’ve ever experienced!!!

And yes I know, I KNOW!!! There’s a whole lot on each of these lists. In our defense we don’t take it all every trip…but we could! When you get down to it, the stuff is pretty small and just LOOKS like more when it’s listed out in print. If you toured our RV on the road, you wouldn’t see all this stuff lying about…IT ALL FITS!


Directions: Click the pic or title for the printable list.


RV Kitchen Galley Packing List:

Here you’ll find everything you need for the kitchen and your cooking needs. The only thing left for you to figure out is the food! I’ve got a ton of opinions on food-packing, so I’ll make sure to address that in a future post.


RV Maintenance Packing List:

James wrote this one, and is the one who loads all this stuff up. We divide and conquer with our packing duties, and since this one’s his, I don’t even have to look at it. So if you have suggestions or additions, take it up with him!


RV Bed and Bath Packing List:

Not sure why, but if I’m gonna forget something, it tends to be from this list. I used to be quite a pro at forgetting toothpaste. It happened so often it would have been comical if I wasn’t so ticked each time I discovered it. Anyways, since using lists, I haven’t forgotten toothpaste once!!!


RV Living Packing List

I like to refer to this one as the “List of Fun.” Goes hand in hand with our “Binder of Fun”…and we couldn’t do our BOF stuff without following the LOF first!


So there you go…these are the actual lists I’ve been working with for almost a year now and they’ve rocked my RVing world. In fact it’s hours before we hit the road, and without these lists there’s no way I would have had time to throw this post together…they’ve saved me so much time. Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and your own systems for packing. I realize my way isn’t the only way, and I’m always trying to improve my efficiency. So, your comments would be most welcomed below!

Hope y’all are having incredible RV adventures…and I especially hope we’ll someday cross paths!

xoxo, Stef