RV Packing Lists: Printable Checklists for RV Trips!

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Now listen guys. Just ignore everything else on our website.

(…well ignore all James’ stuff; continue reading mine…)

You’ve landed on the MOST. IMPORTANT. RV tip. We can give you.

And it’s this:

Using RV Packing Checklists will change your life.

I mean it. No bull here. If you’ve always packed by the seat of your pants just trust me on this. You HAVE to try using a list. Or, in our case, lists…plural. Y’all know we’re a little, uh, well let’s just say it like this…slightly rigid? (and one of us more “slightly rigid” than the other…) So we’ve got more than one list we use when trip time rolls around. I shared versions of these ages ago over on the Winnebagolife website, but they weren’t in fancy printable style sheets, so these are way better. Print them off, put them on your clipboard, and just like that, you’ll be on your way to the most pleasant trip pack you’ve ever experienced!!!

And yes I know, I KNOW!!! There’s a whole lot on each of these lists. In our defense we don’t take it all every trip…but we could! When you get down to it, the stuff is pretty small and just LOOKS like more when it’s listed out in print. If you toured our RV on the road, you wouldn’t see all this stuff lying about…IT ALL FITS!


Directions: Click the pic or title for the printable list.


RV Kitchen Galley Packing List:

Here you’ll find everything you need for the kitchen and your cooking needs. The only thing left for you to figure out is the food! I’ve got a ton of opinions on food-packing, so I’ll make sure to address that in a future post.


RV Maintenance Packing List:

James wrote this one, and is the one who loads all this stuff up. We divide and conquer with our packing duties, and since this one’s his, I don’t even have to look at it. So if you have suggestions or additions, take it up with him!


RV Bed and Bath Packing List:

Not sure why, but if I’m gonna forget something, it tends to be from this list. I used to be quite a pro at forgetting toothpaste. It happened so often it would have been comical if I wasn’t so ticked each time I discovered it. Anyways, since using lists, I haven’t forgotten toothpaste once!!!


RV Living Packing List

I like to refer to this one as the “List of Fun.” Goes hand in hand with our “Binder of Fun”…and we couldn’t do our BOF stuff without following the LOF first!


So there you go…these are the actual lists I’ve been working with for almost a year now and they’ve rocked my RVing world. In fact it’s hours before we hit the road, and without these lists there’s no way I would have had time to throw this post together…they’ve saved me so much time. Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and your own systems for packing. I realize my way isn’t the only way, and I’m always trying to improve my efficiency. So, your comments would be most welcomed below!

Hope y’all are having incredible RV adventures…and I especially hope we’ll someday cross paths!

xoxo, Stef

After 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and the University level in Special Physical Education, Stef made the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach specializing in seniors, medical conditions, and injuries. Stef loves running, cycling, and being “Mugga” to her two favorite mini-humans — Punky and Marshmallow. ❤️

    34 thoughts on “RV Packing Lists: Printable Checklists for RV Trips!

    1. Angela

      My husband are planning to full time RV. He will be retired and I’ll be completing 14 week nursing jobs. Any recommendations for type of RV? 5th wheel vs class A

    2. Emile Bakker

      Rodent tip:

      Leave a paper towel roll as sacrificial nesting material, found by coincidence this saved us some tent material of our old pop-up camper some years back. The mice even left a thank you note.. (well almost 😉

      Happy travels,

      Very nice packing lists!

    3. Kirk & Sharon and the MB Cruiser

      Great lists Stefany…. Sharon (the MRS) and I are leaving for our first short trip in two days and your list will save us for sure! Do you have a Departure Check list?

    4. Penny Dove

      Do you have a list for basic staple foods. Condiments, etc. That is always my frustration. Pickles, catsup, mayo, eggs, bread. Too many fill up the frig fast. Yet there seems to something I always forget. And yes spices can be specific to the cook.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Sorry, no! It’s a great idea and I’ve thought about it, but would be an incredible challenge. We’re all so different when it comes to food! Here’s my suggestion. Next time you load the rig, do an inventory of all the food you bring and record it. On the trip if you realized you forgot things, add them to the list. After the trip if you didn’t use some of the things, cross them off. And then on future trips, you’ll be set with a perfect food list just for you!

    5. Donna M Sargent

      If your print these off and laminate them you can use a write on/wipe off marker to check them off for each trip and keep reusing the same list. Saves printing a new one each time you are going to head out on a trip. We also keep most of the things in the trailer, including toilet articles, so all we need to pack are clothes, medicine, food, camera, etc. We have spare cell phone chargers/chords that stay in the RV also. When we come home from a trip we wash the towels and bed linens and put them in a tote bag ready to head back to the RV for the next trip.

        1. BRIAN BURRY


          We are just getting our first RV and your lists are so great to use. We really want you to know we appreciate you doing this for us. We are excited, retired and now get to begin some traveling. Not full time, but to locations and friends when we like.
          Brian “Doc” Burry

        2. Stefany - Post author

          Hi Doc! (It’s been my experience anyone nicknamed Doc is a hoot…)

          Well, HUGE CONGRATS on your first RV! It really is life-changing the way it opens up all sorts of adventures and opportunities. I’m so happy you’ve found the lists! To this day I still use them every trip we take; they’re so handy! If you’re on social media, come like our Facebook page and do keep in touch as you start your adventures: http://www.facebook.com/thefitrv

          Wishing you health and happiness! xoxo

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Not sure what you mean? The packing lists are simply print-outs, we didn’t record anything, sorry! But if you mean when we make videos, it just varies depending on the situation. We like Sennheiser brand!

    6. Nicole Lamoureux

      Just curious as to why you chose the Winnebago travato vs pleasureway or another class b? I am having a hard time deciding on gas or diesel and what make or model. Thanks love Watching your videos

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Well for us the decision was easy. Our #1 priority in finding a campervan was inside bike storage for our race bikes. If we lived in Europe, we’d have tons of options, since they love to create “garage space” in their floorplans, usually under a raised bed. But here, no one’s building Class B floorplans with garages…EXCEPT the Winnebago Travato 59G. It has a Murphy Bed in the back that flips up and leaves lots of space for gear. Winnebago went a step further with Lance and actually raised the bed even higher, so we can keep it down and our bikes still fit under it! Also, the ProMaster chassis is such a pleasure to drive. It is front wheel drive, so feels more like driving a car than the Sprinter chassis do! Best of luck in your hunt…it can be overwhelming, I know!

    7. Dan

      I am a few days away from my first real RV trip and I found these checklists very helpful, particularly for someone (me) who is not well organized!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Sorry I missed this comment! So cool you used my lists for your very first RV trip! Hope your trip was incredible. xoxo

      1. Donna M Sargent

        I used to have the same problem – I could never seem to remember a spatula – hence the reason why I have about 12 of them now!

    8. Ed Rudder

      Thank you for these great reminders for those week long trips. I tend to leave items in the RV between trips but always seem to forget something every time I go out. This will help… Thank you.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Yep, we leave stuff in the rig, too…but still there’s tons of stuff we bring in and out each trip so the lists help!

    9. Ed Marks

      Thanks for the lists Stef – I’m sure they’ll be a big help as we head out for our maiden (rental) voyage in about 6 weeks!


      1. Stefany - Post author

        You’ll have to keep me posted on how your maiden rental voyage goes!!! Hope it’s a blast, Ed!

    10. Sandy Emert

      Just sold our home to go full time but having problems deciding on a small A or with a Tiffin Wayferer. You guys keep building on your unit you may have to go up a size. Big problem but the list will help in what to get rid of out of our home. Thanks

    11. Mike < FISH

      Well I see you have posted a few check list and they seem to cover all the bases. Your check lists should help most folks with getting the packing and one’s needs pretty much solid for a happy travel experience. It seems that you covered it all except for a few I wanna or I wish I’daaa sort of items for whoever.
      As always you and Sir James post things that are to the point and thought out well which would leave some of us in a happy place and others a happy place with a bit extra. Well done job and we thank you Steph!

    12. R L Cole

      We currently full time in a 41′ class A, but are hoping to sell it and “right-size” to a Class B plus. With a 1000 pound carryng capacity in the B, (which includes ourselves), I’ve made a “must have” list. Your lists made me realize that I forgot batteries, sunscreen, and first aid kit! Thanks!
      Have you weighed Lance to see if he’s overloaded? That’s a major concern of ours, and may be the biggest challenge we find. Once groceries get on board, we may TILT!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Yep, James makes sure we weigh Lance pretty much after every mod he does, plus also whenever we get Lance filled up for a big road trip. We’re way under weight, but then we’re in a true Class B so have loads more wiggle room than small Class C’s (AKA Class B+)! How fun you’re downsizing…you’re going to LOVE how much more mobile you’ll be on the road!

    13. Interstate Blog

      Nice! It’s the kind of thing for which different systems resonate with different personalities. I split my lists in two – I developed a magnetic “do-done” board for recurring pre-trip tasks (fill fresh water, check tires, etc.) plus a one-page paper checklist for “take-withs”. I also had to concede that my second home needs its own dedicated second set of implements (which I call “remain-withs”). We have intense rodent challenges in the deep south, but to the extent possible, everything that CAN be left in the van WILL be left in the van (dishes, pots, pans, BBQ stuff, first aid, insect repellent, sunscreen, cleaning products, tools, extra hardware, vehicle maintenance supplies, etc.). That’s how I was able to fit the remainder of take-withs onto just one page – by declaring as many remain-withs as possible. The primary rodent-related exclusions are textile products and foodstuffs, obviously. Those all become take-withs.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Yep, James has another “RV Prepping” List he uses, too. I’ve encouraged him to share it here, so look for that in a post coming soon!


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