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If I had to guess, I’d say that “storage solutions” is the second-most talked about topic among RVers.  (Sewage, without question, is the first.)  Storage is a popular topic because when you’re in an RV – even a large one – you have to make choices about what you are or aren’t going to bring based on the space you have available.  The more creative you can be with your storage solutions, the more things you can bring, and the less constrained your RV lifestyle becomes.

So we’re offering up this video, which highlights some of the things we’ve done to make better use of the storage inside our EKKO.  Enjoy!


You don’t even have to have an EKKO to make use of some of the tips here.  We just want to show you some of the ways we’ve divided up compartments, carved space out of walls, made random plastic bits, and used other available products to make better use of our RV space.  But since I know some of you will want to copy certain aspects of what you’ve seen here, below I’ve supplied a bunch of links to some of the products, tools, and solutions you see in the video.

If I’ve forgotten a link, call me out in the comments and I’ll update the list with whatever it is you’re looking for.  Here you go!  (Some of these are affiliate links.)

The Stuff:

Van Made Shades – We’ve had Vanmade shades in our last few RVs now, and we don’t show any signs of stopping.  We just love their products.

Van Made Fan Cover – Regardless of what type of RV you have, you probably have a 14″ x 14″ roof vent somewhere.  This is the roof cover you see me install in the video.

1/8″ thick cork – I’ll just warn you, working with cork can be frustrating.  It comes rolled up, and if you don’t unroll it carefully, it will crack.  This is the cork I installed on our shelves and cabinets.  TIP:  Let it relax for a full week before flattening and cutting it.

3M Spray Adhesive – This is the easiest thing I’ve found for adhering the cork to a substrate.  You can also use contact cement… but that’s more work.

Shelf Pins – You can buy shelf pins at the local home center, but then you’re limited to the features and finishes they have on hand.  These are the ones I installed in Number One.  (I wanted silver ones, with a hole for securing to the shelf.)

Shelf Pin Drill Bit – If you know me, then you know that… OF COURSE there’s a special drill bit needed to install the special shelf pins.  (It’s 5mm metric.  Metric drill bits aren’t too common over here.)

Stef’s Giant Plastic Bin – This is the ginormous plastic bin Stef keeps in our dinette cabinet.  I do have to admit: the size really is perfect.

Laundry Bag – This is giant, waxy material, laundry bag we use.  It’s *freestanding* which was key to making our laundry scheme work.

C Channel – Just bought this at a home center.  It’s an easy way to make a removable partition.

Japanese Saw – I’ve found I really prefer using Japanese-style hand saws.  They cut on the pull stroke, so the blades can be much thinner.  I also find that they track better – at least for me.  This isn’t the exact saw you see in the video, but it’s close.  It’s a Ryoba, and it has rip teeth on one side, and crosscut teeth on the other.

Organized Obie Cargo Nets – We use a couple different sizes of these throughout our RV, and you can see two of them in our little overhead cabinets in the video.  I think we used the 4×12 and 4×24. Follow that link for 5% off.

Video Screen – I wanted a very small (close to the ceiling) screen for the 95% of the time we’re *not* watching it.  This was the slimmest I could find.

Everything Keeper – Many people have put these in their RVs.  We’re no different!  This is the larger of the two sizes.

AAXA Pico Projector – I wanted a very small projector so that it would fit *inside* the everything keeper.  This one fit the bill!

Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker – I actually had this speaker in a closet.  The reason I moved it to the RV is that it FITS INSIDE THE EVERYTHING KEEPER!

3 port USB Charger – This USB charger a) had the right kind of ports and wattages for the devices I wanted to charge, and b) also fit flat inside the everything keeper.

Apple HDMI Adapter – Though every projector out there says it works wirelessly – due to content protection schemes, almost none of them ever work.  Particularly on Apple devices.  It’s stupid, and they shouldn’t even be allowed to try to integrate wirelessly if it’s always going to fail.  Anyway… wired adapters work.  And if you want to project a newer apple device, you’re almost guaranteed to need this adapter.  Unless you have a lot of time to waste trying to get the wireless thing to work.  Which it won’t.

Obie Framed Net Pockets – These are the pockets that hold our phones over the beds, underneath the overhead cabinets. Follow that link for 5% off.

My 3D Printer – the FlashForge Creator Pro – This certainly isn’t the best 3D printer you can buy.  But it’s far from the worst, and it was a solid way to get my feet wet with 3D printing.  It was easy enough to learn, and it’s still printing for me.  I mainly print in ABS, though I do use some PLA on occasion.

Toothbrush Sanitizers – Stef mentioned these, so I’m including them.  Why do we have them?  Because I read one of those articles that says there’s poop particles on your toothbrush and then that was that…

Bamboo Boards – I don’t know if anyone will want to work with this stuff, but it’s kind of cool.  I bought a bunch of it, and I’m trying to use it for all my RV interior woods so that we wind up with a harmonious look inside the rig.

3/8″ Aluminum Rod – This is the stuff I bought… twice… to make the spice rack you see in our rig.

Stef’s Top – Hi all! It’s Stef here hijacking James’ post, heh heh. I just got this new top from Aventura Clothing, and I love it! They’re my clothing sponsor and their stuff is awesome so check them out. Back to James… shhh.


And that’s it!  If you have any comments or questions, sound off below and I’ll try to answer.

Thanks for watching!