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“You made THAT?!?! In there?!?!”



It’s become a thing. I make something rather un-camping-like in the solar cooker, and sure enough, my campground guests are dazzled and impressed.

That’s one of the things I love about our GoSun solar cooker.  It’s my one and only culinary workhorse we bring along in the RV, and it makes cooking on the road such a fun part of any RV adventure.  James and I were up in the Uinta Mountains recently, and as we were solar-cooking up our dinner, decided we wanted to share this video of our GoSun cooker in action.


If you aren’t familiar with solar cooking, think of it more along the lines of steaming. You won’t be grilling up burgers or steaks in a solar oven, but you can definitely bake, roast, and boil…which are way healthier options than grilling anyways.



Let me tell you a few other reasons why I love this thing:


It fits in Lance!

The GoSun is made for portability. It folds up to around 2 feet long, and is around 6” wide. That size works great with our campervan’s storage limitations. There are many other solar cookers out there, but the size and shape of this one makes it stow away quite nicely in our rig.


Oven temps are mild…and adjustable!

Since we do most of our solar cooking at the end of the day, my experience with the cooker is with temps maybe around 300 degrees or so. I think these lower temps are great…you really can’t burn anything cooking that low. And since some burnt foods quite possibly may be linked to increased cancer risk , I see solar cooking as a much healthier (and safer) way to heat your food. Plus, I love that I have some control over the temperature. If I were cooking in full sun at high noon, I could easily close the panels a bit to keep the temperature in the tube lower, or I could position the panels slightly away from the sun.


The GoSun doesn’t get hot on the outside!

Even though it might be 300 degrees inside the tube, you can touch anywhere around the cooker and not get burned. So, you can leave it out and not worry about your pets or kids (or scatterbrained husbands) accidentally bumping it.


Throw it together and take a hike!

This is one of my favorite things about the GoSun, and it’s kind of along the lines of crock-pot cooking…throw everything in and then go on with your life. When you come back, voila! Dinner is magically done. Makes it a great fit for active RVers who aren’t always hanging around the campsite.


Easy breezy clean-up!

The cooker comes with a scrubby cleaning pad that attaches to the end of the cooking tray. I simply hose the whole thing down, squirt on a little earth-friendly soap, and use the scouring pad to clean the inside of the tube…the whole thing’s not even a 5 minute event. It’s all actually kinda fun in a weird washing-the-car sort of way. Makes me want to don a bikini and crank Bon Jovi out of my boom box…


It’ll Shrink Your Carbon Footprint!

Since you’re not burning charcoal or using gas, solar cooking is environmentally-friendly.  That’s a big deal for me and makes me feel good each time I use it.


So yeah! That’s my little sure-to-impress camping toy! You can find the GoSun by itself right here on Amazon, and that’s really all you need, OR if you’re more hardcore and want the Pro Pack that comes with an extra tray and a very nice carrying bag, you can find that link HERE.


Anyone else have experience cooking with solar? Would love your feedback (and any recipe ideas?!?)! Feel free to comment below!

I’ve also got one of my favorite GoSun recipes here on the website already… a healthed-up apple crisp recipe, so be sure you check that out.

Happy travels, all!