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Choosing clothes for a trip can be tough.  I blame all the unknowns… the weather, the activities, the mood you’ll be in, on and on.  So we default to packing way more than we need “just in case,” and end up wearing only a fraction of it; which means more unnecessary crap we’ll be lugging around, and more laundry to deal with when the vacation is over.


Trust me, I speak from experience. During our first few years of RVing, James referred to me as the Queen of 15 Pairs of Shoes.  To combat my tendency to overpack, I’ve actually come up with a system for choosing how many pieces of clothes I’ll take with me when we travel, and I’ve shared it in the video.

Also in the video, I share my entire wardrobe that I plan to take with me on a 10-day vacation, piece by piece.  I’m a very proud brand ambassador for Aventura Clothing (James is an ambassador of their men’s line called “Ecōths”), and all the clothes I modeled are Aventura. Of course my packing system will work with ANY brand; I’m just partial to this one. Aventura is a small family-run company that’s passionate about the environment and uses organic and eco-friendly materials. Plus they’re very philanthropic, which means a lot to me. For every Ecōths garment purchased, a minimum of three meals is provided to someone in need. Aventura donates to survivors of domestic violence as well.

AND! I didn’t say this in the video because I wanted to save this for FitRV readers, but I have a limited number of DISCOUNT CODES for 60% off Aventura or Ecoths!

8/1/2017 UPDATE: I’ve run out of codes, so sorry!

So now here’s the list of clothes I modeled starting with the Valencia dress I was wearing:

Aventura really shines when it comes to dresses, and you can see this season’s entire collection HERE.  Right now this one is my favorite, so a no-brainer choice for this trip.


My Road-trip Shirts:

Sheridan Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt: When I wore this the first time, James said this. “That is my most favorite shirt I’ve ever seen you wear.” I am not kidding you. He said that. He NEVER says anything about my clothes…nada! So, I pretty much instantly had a soft spot for this shirt. The one I have has a little purple in it and is called “high rise” on the Aventura website. I wish I owned it in every color. It is so light and extra soft…a great summer long-sleeve option.


Poet Tank: Have I mentioned how I try to pick pieces that tend to be more wrinkle-resistant? I don’t want to be wasting my time on the trip ironing, so my wardrobe better darn well be low maintenance. The poet tank most definitely meets that criteria. PLUS! The pattern on it is just so dang cute! Mine is the “high rise” color, but I’ve been coveting the “arabesque” color. If you get that one don’t tell me or I’ll be jealous.


Pilar Tank: Mine is in purple, but there are a bunch of colors available. It’s so stinking soft….probably since they blended modal with organic cotton. Hard to go wrong with that combo.


Novak Top: Even though the model below is wearing it in blue, mine is dark grey. They call it “black” on the Aventura website, though. Whatever you call it, I LOVE IT! This is the one in the video where I turn and show off the cute braid across the top of the neck. Again the softness is over the top. They took 75% modal and blended it with polyester and the end result is an appealingly understated shirt that doesn’t wrinkle and goes with any bottoms you’ve got.


Remi Tank: This was the flowy top I was wearing in white. It’s 100% organic cotton slub jersey… so the uber-soft kind of organic cotton. The crochet details make it such a sweet and romantic top. Bottom line: It makes me feel pretty.



My Road-trip Bottoms:

Tara Short: Here’s the “obligatory” pair of shorts I’m taking on the trip! I like the material and fit of these. They’re light, and like all Aventura bottoms the waist is never uncomfortable. They spend a ton of time planning their designs around comfort, and these are another stellar example of that.


Lennox Skirt: So many ways I love this skirt! Super light material, flowy and pretty, comfy waist…I’ve been wearing it a ton.


Titus Ankle Pant: Pants are a requirement even on a summer roadtrip. And that’s fine by me. These pants are made from the softest organic cotton with just a little titch of lycra thrown in for comfort and stretch. They’ve got interesting details and a flattering fit. I plan to get these in more colors, but right now just have this color:


Vita Skirt: This is my newest addition and I’ve never traveled with it before! It’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s actually quite sporty, with the contrasting stitching and the quick-drying material. It comes in a few different colors, but I kept it simple with black so I’d get more outfit options out of it.



SO! There you have it! A whole wardrobe for a typical summer RV roadtrip. The pieces all complement each other and are versatile enough to be worn in many different configurations. Hope you’ll check out the video and see for yourself!

Happy travels, all!

xoxo Stef