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A little fact about my life that seems to get lost in the shuffle is that I still have a full-time day job.  (And I mean a day job that’s NOT this blog.)  Fortunately, I can do this job from almost anywhere.  But it does require me to be online and reachable by phone Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm.  So for me, good cellular voice and data connections are an absolute imperative.

Rather than rely on campground WiFi, we travel with a cell booster.  We’ve had one in Lance since day one, and that one was also a model from WeBoost.  It’s served us well for a few years now.  In this video, we install a new booster in Parky – the WeBoost Drive X RV – and head off into the desert to put it to the test.


The video pretty much speaks for itself, but I’ll call out a few things here.

First – the install was pretty darn easy.  This was in large part because WeBoost included everything in the kit that I needed.  I had to use my own wrench and drill, but that was literally all I needed.  This install kit included cable ties, extra parts for contingency installs, thread lock, you name it.  This was by far the most complete installation kit I’ve ever had the pleasure to use.  Hats off to WeBoost on the completeness of their kit.

Second – They don’t make it easy to find the actual signal strength on iPhones these days.  If your carrier supports it (ours did), you can get to it, but it’s far from intuitive.  And when you do find it, the numbers bounce around a lot, and even the screen itself changes layout every few seconds.  I did the best I could with screenshots and point the numbers out in the video.

And finally – bars and dbm are great and all, but it really doesn’t matter if I have 4 bars of service or -90dbm of signal.  What really matters in the end is what can I get done with the signal I have.  That’s why I ran the speed test.  For the test, I used the Speed Test app from  The results were pretty impressive.  I ran the test on my Verizon iPhone Xr, with iOS 12.4.


Download Speed0.27 mbps6.57 mbps24.3 x!!!
Upload Speed0.08 mbps0.50 mbps6.25 x

So there you have it.  With that install, I just converted a remote desert camp site into my office for the day.  That’s the real beauty of the WeBoost.  This wasn’t our first WeBoost booster, and it likely won’t be the last.

Stay online, everyone!


Full Disclosure:  WeBoost did not sponsor or pay for this review, but they did provide the equipment that I used.  That didn’t affect the results you see in the video.  We’ve had other WeBoost boosters for years, and can attest to their performance.