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Well, this video is not nearly as long as the last one, where I detail the project plan.  Watch here as I get down to it and start ripping electrical components out of our Winnebago EKKO!


The first part of this video will be very valuable for anyone who ever wants to remove or service their EKKO battery for any reason.  There are definitely a couple tricks here. My basic notes on that process are:

  • The front of the inverter/battery compartment needs to be removed to take the batteries out.
  • You can’t remove the retaining bolts cleanly unless you jack the vehicle up about 4 to 5 inches.
  • Be careful with the silver insulation material… it’s sharp.
  • The positive terminal holds the main positive lead and a temperature sensor.
  • There are a few more items attached to the negative battery terminal.
  • The harness for the Lithionics battery data connections may be wired through a hole in such a way that you’d have to cut it to remove it.
  • Safety first – shut down ALL power sources: Alternator, battery, solar, shore power.
  • Even if you do that, you may want to disconnect the engine batteries, because that’s still live in there as well.


On the inside, removing the seats is pretty straight forward.  The seats are held down with U-bolts and 8 heavy duty bolts into nuts welded t the frame.  If you reassemble all the parts of just the seat pedestal, you’ll find that they weigh 114 lbs combined.  After removing it, I would have no hesitation in putting infants, souffles, whatever into those seats without fear of damage.

Also – I don’t recommend anyone actually try to follow me.  But if you do, remember to label literally everything!  It’s very confusing to see what’s what once it’s been disconnected

Beyond those few tips, I do a fairly thorough job explaining it all in the video, so enjoy!