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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this video is worth 60,000 words per second.  So first, let’s get right to it:


We first encountered this screen door on a Pleasure-Way Lexor at an RV show.  It closes automatically with magnets each time you pass through it!  Our screen door had been known to be finicky on its track, so this was very appealing to us.  But this screen door also addresses another issue we’ve had in our van:  James forgetting about the screen door and closing the sliding van door on it and breaking it.  I’ve actually done that about 6 times, and I’m not proud of it.  That won’t ever happen again, or if it does, it won’t be an issue as the new door is entirely made of fabric.

When we saw the door on the Pleasure-Way, we took note of the manufacturer, who you can find here:

I wanted to order the Pleasure-Way door, but there was an issue.  The Lexor screen door wouldn’t work for us, even though it is based on a ProMaster like our Travato.  This is because the Lexor is accessed from the front of the sliding door opening, and our Travato G requires access from the back of that opening (due to our water tank/ottoman).  I filled out their “Contact Us” form, and waited.

This is the most literal response ever from a “Contact Us” form

It didn’t take long before I was contacted by Roger, the owner.  Roger agreed to find a Travato G, develop a pattern, and make a screen door for us.  They made not one pattern, but two – one for the sliding door, and another for the rear door.  Once they had them complete, they arranged to come to Salt Lake City and install them for us.  This was their first attempt at a Travato, and they wanted to be sure to get it right.

The install was actually not that difficult.  The door is mainly installed with Velcro.


The Velcro is ingenious, because it allows them to move and adjust the door during installation.  This way, they can get the drape and sweep correct, and they can keep tweaking it until it closes perfectly every time (as ours do).  Once the position is completely dialed in, they finalize the installation with a few screws.


The rear door is even more impressive than the side one, because it contains an extra tent-flap like piece that allows us to completely visually close off the rear of the van.  So when we don’t want the screen, we zip it up and have an opaque wall.  It works well enough that I’ve now removed the MCD shades we had previously installed.  Two doors, no-see-um netting, nothing to store in a cabinet, no sticking or jumping off the track… perfect.  (Plus, Stef says this style of door is more #vanlife.)


If you’d like one, here’s what to do:

First, go to THIS LINK.  That will actually take you to, which is them.  Now that they have a working pattern for a Travato, they can sell more of them, so fill out the contact form and they’ll get back to you.  As I write this, the Travato G doors are not on the website yet, but they can make them.  I imagine our screen door would also work for other Class B ProMaster conversions where you need to enter and exit through the rear of the sliding door opening.  Beyond the Travato, they make the same style of screen for various Sprinters, Transits, old-school vans, you name it.  They seem to have a pretty good library of templates.

Here’s the really cool part.  If you can gather enough people who want one in one place (and the number seems to be about 8 or more), they would consider heading out to your location to install them!  So if you’re planning a rally, get-together, or meet-up, this is something to consider.  I can’t make promises on their behalf, but they did seem very willing to make this happen.  And naturally, if you’re in the Montreal area, you could always stop by their place to have them install one of their screens for you.

Full disclosure:  We won’t earn any commission if you buy a screen door.  But I couldn’t get Roger to accept a check for our prototype.  This wouldn’t have made a difference to us, as we frankly just love this door, and would have installed it and shared it with you in any case.


Roger does make other products which I’m sure we’ll eventually try, but for now, I’ll just bask in the cool breezes from our hassle-free screen doors.  Cheers!