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I have to admit, I never thought I’d be writing an article with a title like that… but here I am.

And I REALLY never thought I’d be producing the video to go along with it… but here it is:


With everything that’s going on in the world, we figure a lot of you are doing what we’re doing.  Which is NOT traveling.  All of our events and meet-ups are cancelled until at least July.

We’re part-timers.  We normally travel about half the time.   Mothballing our rig during warmer months isn’t something we ever think of – because it never happens for long.  But these are unusual times, and with half the country on some sort of lockdown, we’re thinking Lance will be staying put for a longer stretch than normal.  So what are we doing to properly park the motorhome during this pandemic?  We thought about it, came up with a plan, and what you see in the video is exactly what we did.  It’s kind of like winterizing, but not exactly, since the weather is warmer and the objectives are different.  Here’s the quick 30,000 foot view.

“Store” the Water System.

Think of this like winterizing, but with a different objective.  The enemy this time around isn’t freezing – it’s stagnation.  We drained and purged the water tank and water lines.  We also drained and flushed the waste water system.  The most important thing you can do here is to make sure to sanitize the fresh water system before putting the rig back into service.  Think about what might grow in a warm dark puddle of water in a few weeks’ time, and that should motivate you to follow this step.

“Store” the Electrical System

I don’t like storing RVs plugged in, and this is no exception.  We charged and shut off our battery.  Like… ALL THE WAY off.  If you don’t have a true shut off, then disconnect or remove your battery.  This step is not too different from winterizing.

Remove Supplies from the RV

If you normally keep a few staples in the RV – canned goods, spices, what have you – now is a good time to remove them.  They won’t taste any better after sitting in your hot rig for weeks on end.  Added bonus: passing vagrants won’t break your windows because they saw toilet paper inside.

“Store” the Vehicle

Knowing that fuel can go bad, I added some fuel stabilizer – since I really don’t know how long this might go on.  I also topped off the tires, rigged up a solar charger, and have plans to at least roll Lance around the driveway every few weeks to ward off any potential flat-spotting.

Use the Opportunity for Mods or Deferred Maintenance

I have big mods planned for this time.  But even if you don’t mod your rig, there are a lot of things you know you should to to take care of your RV… but you don’t.  So use this downtime to check the seals on your roof, or change your cabin air filter, re-torque your lug bolts, or whatever “floss your teeth” kind of work has been nagging you from the back corners of your mind.  (I suppose you could also use this time to actually floss your teeth.)


And there you have it.  That is literally everything we did to prep Lance for his extended springtime vacation.  If you can think of something we forgot… sound off in the comments below!

We don’t know when we’ll be hitting the road again, but when we do, we’ll be ready.  Here’s hoping you are too… and that it’s soon.

Stay well everyone!