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If you want to go down a rathole of internet rants, try reading various forums where people give their opinion of the Auto-Stop functionality found on modern vehicles.  I’m not going to try to change your opinion of Auto-Stop one way or another, because it’s not a huge deal.  There’s usually a switch on the dash somewhere that will allow you to turn it off.

But the trouble with that switch is that it doesn’t remember from one trip to the next that you had turned it off.  And so the next trip, if you don’t remember, it will shut off on you again.   No longer.  Check out the video:


The device is called the Autostop Eliminator.  It remembers your Auto-Stop setting from one trip to the next.  And the best thing is that it’s completely removable!  So if you’re worried about voiding a warranty or anything like that, don’t be.  Just remove it before bringing your vehicle in for service.

Anyway – I have absolutely zero concerns about installing this device, because it’s not doing anything that I wasn’t already doing anyway.  This is just like having a buddy in the vehicle with you who *never* forgets to turn it off.

As far as a “review” goes, I guess you could call this a review.  The device has exactly one function, and it does that properly.  Nothing much more to say.

That’s it – Any questions, fire away below!!