Tired of Autostop? Disable It Forever!! Simple Install.

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If you want to go down a rathole of internet rants, try reading various forums where people give their opinion of the Auto-Stop functionality found on modern vehicles.  I’m not going to try to change your opinion of Auto-Stop one way or another, because it’s not a huge deal.  There’s usually a switch on the dash somewhere that will allow you to turn it off.

But the trouble with that switch is that it doesn’t remember from one trip to the next that you had turned it off.  And so the next trip, if you don’t remember, it will shut off on you again.   No longer.  Check out the video:


The device is called the Autostop Eliminator.  It remembers your Auto-Stop setting from one trip to the next.  And the best thing is that it’s completely removable!  So if you’re worried about voiding a warranty or anything like that, don’t be.  Just remove it before bringing your vehicle in for service.

Anyway – I have absolutely zero concerns about installing this device, because it’s not doing anything that I wasn’t already doing anyway.  This is just like having a buddy in the vehicle with you who *never* forgets to turn it off.

As far as a “review” goes, I guess you could call this a review.  The device has exactly one function, and it does that properly.  Nothing much more to say.

That’s it – Any questions, fire away below!!

James is a former rocket scientist, a USA Cycling coach, and lifelong fitness buff. When he's not driving the RV, or modifying the RV (or - that one time - doing both at once), you can find him racing bicycles, or building furniture, or making music. In his spare time, he works for a large IT company.

    21 thoughts on “Tired of Autostop? Disable It Forever!! Simple Install.

    1. Spencer Tee

      I have bought the start stop eliminator and it was working fine but it suddenly stop working after 1month. is there any way to check the device? or is there any setting that I need to press to reset it

      1. James - Post author

        I’m not aware of any reason why it might stop working, or of any way to reset it.
        I’d suggest contacting the manufacturer for assistance. Sorry I can’t be more help.

    2. Paul O.

      I’ve got a 2021 Transit E350 motor home and the auto-stop doesn’t need to be re-engaged. I’ve got the button on the dash but there’s another way to disable it in the driver’s dash menu. Look under settings, then hit the steering wheel button with 3 parallel lines and select the auto stop menu. Take a look maybe it’s a 2021 thing.

      1. James - Post author

        We do have a menu option for Auto Start-Stop. However, it’s under the “Information” menu, and is literally informational only. It will tell you if it’s on or off, and for what reason. But it will not let you default it to “off”.

        Ours is a 2020. If you’ve got such an option on a 2021 – Congratulations! We’re envious!

    3. Joe

      I don’t understand the you-tube comment stuff. I never read them. While I will likely never tackle the jobs James does, I find the reviews and suggestions very helpful and most importantly, researched and tested. I’m happy with James’s take on things, and not all that interested in anybody else’s when I go to FitRv.

      1. James - Post author

        How kind!
        I appreciate the trust you place in my work and opinions. I’ll keep trying not to let you down!

        1. Joe

          You’ve had my trust since the Americanizer ! I’m a proud owner!

          And even though she doesn’t tear apart a perfectly good Ekko, I enjoy Stef’s stuff equally as well. Joe

        2. Stefany

          Aww, Joe, thank you! The ‘fit’ side of our Fit RV thing doesn’t get as much love as the RV side (shocking, right?!), so I very much appreciate the shout-out. Be well! xo

    4. Phil P

      Huh?? Please help me here, I don’t get why some folks don’t get (yet pay no content moola – lol) the ‘free agency’ choice surrounding your personal decision to not allow YT comments…Unfortunately (or, fortunately!!) I can’t say here what I really think…

    5. Jeremy

      I will back up what Mike Richie says about your YouTube comments being turned off, I’ve said it before and I will always preface my comment with a mention of this fact because I find it very annoying to go off platform when I’m in YouTube.


      I have been looking strongly at this device after recently having my F-150 break down due to a bad starter that several people at my mechanic, including one of them being a former Ford dealership mechanic, that they believe it is a direct result of the auto start-stop and I should disable it. It was very inconvenient but it could have been a lot worse, my truck died leaving a parking lot, I was able to restart it eventually and get it home, where it ultimately would not start again. If we had been out on a trip towing our travel trailer it could have ruined our trip. I was going to use the Forscan software to disable the stop-start but I found out that that works basically by tricking the system, not by simply turning it off, and that there can be unwanted side effects as a result, so I believe I will be going the same route you did.

      1. James - Post author

        Opinions about YouTube aside, I want to THANK YOU for relating your story here.

        Additional wear and tear and premature death of your starter and/or batteries is one of the main reasons people give for wanting to disable Auto-Stop. But to other people, that sounds like a scare tactic – until it happens to them. Thank you for letting people know that this stuff really can happen!

    6. Graham Smith

      Auto-Stop/Start just seems weird. It also doesn’t engage all the time. According to one source, it doesn’t engage if your heat or A/C are running but I won’t swear to that. The advantage of this device over others I have seen is the memory function. Other solutions just disable it. I have not spent enough time behind the wheel of my EKKO to form a firm opinion, but ordered one of these earlier this week so that I would have it and could experiment with it. Now if there was just a way to make the Transit default to ECO mode…

      1. James - Post author

        I know. The ECO mode default would be nice. I use that one all the time, but usually only after I’ve been driving a while and remember.

    7. Nick Selwyn

      Of course, it doesn’t resolve the times when you prefer the switch one way and Stef prefers it the other way and then switch drivers without thinking. The device will remember which way the switch was set, but doesn’t know was driving. Now it’s down to you to remember that part and also the preference of that other driver!

    8. Mike Richie

      I’m just curious why you have turned off comments on YouTube. I can’t imagine that you got much in the way of negative comments. But you should know that particularly for your type of more “how to do it” types of RV (and other) content it is extremely annoying as often there might be questions that you or your viewers might be able to answer in the comments. It also builds a sense of community amongst your subscribers. I found it annoying enough that I Unsubscribed, and I suspect I am not alone. (I have actually resubscribed which is why I am leaving this comment.) Anyways, thanks for the useful stuff 🙂

      1. James - Post author

        Well first, thanks for commenting and we’re glad you find our content useful!

        We don’t allow comments on YouTube because both Stef and I have real jobs too. This is just a hobby.
        Besides YouTube, we also maintain Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter presences, and most importantly: a web site.
        Constantly monitoring comments across multiple platforms was too much work. Something had to go.

        Every video we post has an associated article on our web site.
        You can always find the link in the description, and we do encourage comments here. You can also ask questions on our Facebook page.
        We find that people who are willing to click over generally are willing to leave constructive comments, we get fewer trolls, and the discussion is far better than the typical YouTube video.

        1. Mike Richie

          Thanks for the quick reply. I get your having real jobs and needing to cut something out, but you could just not really monitor the comments. Lots of other YouTubers do that and just rely on their community to respond. But – I’ll come post over here if I have a question on anything (the only thing I am willing to use Facebook for is pictures of the grandkids 🙂

        2. James - Post author

          I’m with you on Facebook. That’s Stef’s domain.
          If you want me, this is the best place.

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