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OK.  I had a little fun with this one.

But ah yes, the toilet paper question.  When starting out RVing, everyone is concerned about what kind of toilet paper they can use in their RV.  And most of us, at least initially, wind up paying more for special “RV/Marine” toilet paper.  The problems with that toilet paper are: it costs more than some other kinds, you can only get it at camping or marine stores, and it’s only single-ply, so usually, your fingers go right through it (which is kind of gross).  So eventually, most of us look for something else.

The main thing you need to worry about with toilet paper in your RV is, “will it break down quickly so it won’t get stuck and gunk up my holding tank?”  Fortunately, there’s a simple way to test for this, and we show you how in this video.  Besides multiple displays of gratuitous cuteness from Baby, this video shows our test of four readily-available kinds of toilet paper.

If you’re new to RVing and haven’t looked into this before, the results may surprise you.  In order of descending greatness for RV use, they stack up like this:

  1. Charmin Ultra Soft – the clear winner.  Purchased for $3.99 for four rolls.
  2. Angel Soft – a very close second.  Purchased for only $1.19 for four rolls.  If you were looking for the best combination of value and performance, this stuff is it.
  3. Thetford RV/Marine – a distant third place.  More expensive, and only single ply.
  4. Quilted Northern Soft & Strong – Absolutely unacceptable for RV use.

So there you have it.  Details are in the video, and I hope you have as much fun watching it as I did making it.

(And yes, I know Baby isn’t a baby anymore.  But that’s what I started calling her when she was a baby, and I don’t like change.  I’ll still be calling her Baby when she’s 40.)

Review Update – We continued to let the samples sit overnight.  The Charmin and Angel Soft were still mush.  The Thetford eventually did dissolve enough to be useable – just at a much slower rate than the others.  The Quilted Northern… well, I could wring it out and use it again…