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Short answer… a lot.

We don’t nearly cover it all – but we picked our favorites and made this video when we were visiting Advanced RV last month to have them work on our own RV, Lance.


A visit to Advanced RV is always interesting.  As a custom Class B manufacturer, they’re free to explore new technologies and new approaches in a more accelerated way than a traditional RV maker.  Since they design each motorhome by working with their customers, each one of them is unique.  Many of these unique ideas are good, and the good ones tend to stick around to be incorporated into their base offering.  Since it’s been a couple years since we visited them – they had a bunch of new stuff to show us.

Besides what you see in the video, there were a bunch of “Honorable Mention” innovations that we liked, but just didn’t have time to include.  Here’s a quick list of some of them that were on the “Escape” motorhome you see in the video:

  • Indoor plumbing: All plumbing in Escape is run inside the chassis for colder weather capability. The water pump, valves, and winterization access are installed in accessible insulated space that was previously unused, creating about one cubic foot of additional internal storage space.
  • Rear heater: The second built-in heater/fan provides additional cabin heat for winter travel and sleep stops. The fan has separate control.
  • Outside shower shut off valves: They’re now using valves that – based on their testing – aren’t damaged by freezing.  But they’ve also included shut off valves for the outside shower for more carefree winter camping.
  • Louder horn: When needed, it is nice to have an air horn.
  • Rozie: Provides clients with remote monitoring and control of the coach when away. This function provides peace of mind when pets are left in the motor home.
  • Recaro: Comfortable, highly adjustable, heated, vented racing seats with fur upholstery inserts.
  • Hairy arm rests: Mostly for fun!
  • Front and rear JL audio amps, speakers and subwoofers front and rear for awesome sound.
  • Ram mount: Entertainment is through IPad Pro with Ram mounts for multiple, adjustable viewing points and angles and USB connection to awesome sound system.
  • Flat mounted no-light-leak curtains: Takes no extra space in the motor home and blocks all light outside in and inside out.
  • Side by side fridge: Larger, compressor fridge with easy access to the freezer and fridge. Creates room for large “shoe drawer” below.
  • Stand up desk: The top of the wardrobe is designed to be a stand-up lap top desk. Standing to catch-up on emails is a nice break after a long drive.
  • Cross planked floor: Installed the floor with planking perpendicular to the hall. We think it is a good look.
  • Extra deep kitchen sink from high quality stainless steel: Much easier for dishwashing and other sink functions. Sink metal quality much better than others. No rusting.
  • 40 gallon fresh, 27 gal grey and 18.5 gal black:  huge tanks for extended time between fill and dump events. (Standard on all ARV motor homes)


A Note About the Battery Capacity

The battery capacity comments at about 8:40 in the video are generating quite a few questions, both here, and at Advanced RV.  I’ve cleared this up with them, and here’s the deal.  The air conditioner/battery test was indeed done as Mike describes.  However, immediately after the test, the battery capacity was more like 12-13%.  Between then and Mike showing us the SOC, the van had been driven and/or plugged in.  So the 94% was just what the charge happened to be at the time we shot the video.  Hope that clears things up.

But besides all the super cool new RV innovations… the folks at Advanced RV are just so dang nice!  They’re fun to hang out with.  If you have any doubt about that, just sign up for their annual Advanced-Fest and you’ll see what we mean.

(Oh.  And if you’re wondering what they did to Lance… we had VB Air Suspension installed.  We also installed a leveling jack system from E&P Hydraulics.)