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Normally, Winnebago does serious and responsible stuff with their labs. Like test different paints and metal coatings for resistance to rock chips. That’s really what the Gravelometer you’ll see in this video is used for. It’s one of the ways they use their labs to improve their motorhomes.

Now, honestly, I didn’t really know what a gravelometer was until we visited the Winnebago Labs. But when I found out it was an air cannon for launching rocks… well, the fifteen-year-old in me just HAD to use it to break something. I had already ruined a cell phone, so that was out; and there weren’t any lawn gnomes around. But they did have a vending machine, and thus, the idea for this video was hatched.


You won’t be surprised to hear that, the air-cannon-powered-gravel made short work of the unhealthy snack food.

But you might be surprised to hear that, even after this, they let me keep running around their lab with nutty ideas.

Stef says it’s a good thing I don’t have my own lab, because if I did, I’d probably do stuff like this all the time.