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We all know too much sitting isn’t good for us, but as RVers, it’s inevitable.

RVers can put in long driving days, and that’s especially hard on our hips. It’s important to keep your hips healthy—we need them in tip top shape so we can move through life! Protect your hips by doing exercises that both strengthen and stretch them regularly. In this one minute YouTube short, I demonstrate 3 moves that will get the job done. They’re all standing, so you can easily do them at rest stops during your long drives (hint hint).

Take care of your bod! It’s the most amazing thing you’ll ever own.



The hip exercises in this video are:

1) Leaning Lateral Lunges
Lunge sideways, with your lunging toe turned outwards. Simultaneously lean over so you feel a lovely stretch all down your side. Allow your lunge side arm to provide support by bracing it on your thigh— this helps you be able to deepen the stretch.

2) Baby Steps Sumos
Take quick small steps outwards (toes turned outwards) until you’re standing with your feet as wide as you can safely go. Slowly sink down into a wide squat, though to deepen the hip stretch, don’t drive your hips backwards as much as you would in a typical wide squat.

3) Rotating Forward Lunges
Take a big step forward keeping your back leg straight. Slowly rotate in the direction of the forward leg, and then reverse the move to return to start—- feet together. Repeat on the other side to complete one rep.