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Phew! I’m SO digging these weekly Boot Camping videos. James and I are crazy busy right now, and if I didn’t have these to put up each week, this lil’ old website of ours would be collecting dust. Loads of exciting changes happening to our RV Lance right now (Lance 2.0, perhaps?), so I’m doing my daily boot camping back home in Salt Lake City. But not for long! We’re off on our 24 hour trek back to the Winnebago Mother Land starting next week.


Alrighty gang, here’s the new challenge for your upcoming week! Leaning Heel Curls won’t be as muscle-ey hard to perform as last week’s Hindu Pushups were (thank goodness), but WOO-WEE these little tricksters are balance-ey hard! Balance is an often neglected fitness component, even amongst us fit people. It declines with age, and if you want to understand why, go read my article all about it HERE. Guess what the only medicine is to combat declining balance? James give me a drum roll, please (cuz he plays drums, get it?)!


So! To get you in the mindset of incorporating balance tasks into your regular fitness routines, this week we’ll all be doing these leaning heel curls. Your challenge is to do 60 a day on each leg, broken up into 3 sets of 20. And don’t get fussy about that high number of reps, lifting your heel to your butt takes a couple seconds. You’ll be done with each set in a quick minute or two. But I’ll just remind you slower is more challenging, so hopefully you’ll take two minutes.

As always, I love love love your comments below! I want to hear how your boot camping is going!

Rooting for you always,