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Hello from the road! No, guys, I mean LITERALLY! I’m on the road!

James is driving and I’m sitting at the dinette, seatbelted in (safety first!) and typing away. Gotta love roadtripping in the RV, no?

We’re headed for what we’re affectionately calling the “Motherland.” Forest City, Iowa. It’s where Winnebago is headquartered and where Lance was built just over a year ago. This coming week will be their annual rally, and we wouldn’t miss it. So! I’ll be doing this Boot Camping Challenge right along with the rest of y’all from the rally grounds each day!


This week, our Boot Camping exercise is Planked Rainbows. Sounds cute, right?! WRONG! Don’t be fooled by the cute name, these feel nothing like cuteness.

In fact, feel them you will. Everywhere. They’re yet another full-body exercise with a strong core focus. And this time I actually show you 3 different versions instead of my standard 2, so choose whichever seems challenging yet safe for your fitness level.


Do 45 Planked Rainbows on each side every day for the next 7 days. Break it up into 3 sets of 15 on each side, and feel free to spread those 3 sets throughout your day.

This is YOUR week, gang…YOU get to decide how you’ll use it, and hopefully Boot Camping will be on the list. Remember, fitness is something you have to perpetually work on; all the time, for the rest of your life. Think about this, how do you want to feel on this same day one year from now? Fitter, younger, more energetic? OF COURSE YOU DO. We all do. There’s only one way to feel that way and there are no shortcuts to get there. EXERCISE.

Keep me posted on your fitness journey and your Boot Camping thoughts in the comments below!

Rooting for you as always, friends!

xo Stef