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Hi from Cedar City, Utah! We’re camping here for a few days before heading on to California while James competes in the Utah Summer Games. He podiumed last night…but I’ll let him tell y’all about it in an upcoming blog post, because it’s AWESOME! Fingers crossed tomorrow’s road race goes as well.

But it’s always about him. Let’s talk about me.

Out for my run this morning, I hatched a plan to start a Friday tradition. Each Friday, I plan to put up an exercise challenge. I’m calling it Boot Camping. Get it? Because y’all go camping! And it’s a play on Boot Camp exercises! Sometimes my cleverness astounds me.


Each week you’ll do one challenging exercise appropriate at a campsite, and I’ll challenge you with lots of reps (45 a day for this first one). Your goal is to do them EACH day, either through your weekend, or even better, through your week while you wait with baited breath for the NEXT challenge!

So be looking for these posts every Friday, I’m super excited about this one and hope you’ll play along. And while I wish I had tangible prizes to entice your participation, you really will win an amazing prize if you exercise each day:


And guys, life is SO. MUCH. BETTER. in a fit body.

Who’s game and willing to try?! Anyone? ANYONE! (This is me seeking your comments below…)