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I know, I know. This is the second No-Jumping Jump Rope Workout video I’ve done recently. But hey! NOT jumping with a jump rope is just unique and weird. I like unique and weird. After all, I married him:

Stef and James Fit RV Candle Sacrifice

Getting silly during a Napa wine country RV trip. I blame the wine (even though we hadn’t had any yet…)

Jump ropes are one of the few fitness toys we travel with in our RV, so James and I try to get the most bang out of them we can. While we mainly use our ropes for jumping, we also like to get creative and use the ropes in unexpected fitnessy ways.

And besides, jumping isn’t for everyone. Since there are about a billion things you can do with a jump rope that don’t require any jumping, I’ve narrowed this core-focused workout down to 4 exercises that are not only effective, but also FUN!


Here are the exercises you’ll see in the video:

Helicopters: Start seated. Hold both handles in one hand. Start twirling it overhead. Do 2 twirls, then stand up. Do 2 twirls while standing, then sit back down. Continue doing this pattern 10 times, and then repeat with the rope in your other hand. Oh, and you might want to steer clear of any spouses that might be within wacking range.

Rope Rows: Sit leaned back working to maintain a straight spine (the leanback happens from the hips). Double up the rope and place it around the arch of one shoe. Perform a “row”, holding tension on the rope so that your foot lifts and lowers in unison with the row motion. Do 10 on each side.

Twisting Leanback Presses: Sit holding the doubled-up rope parallel to ground and gripped a little wider than shoulders (palms face down). Keeping a very straight spine, rotate to the right as you simultaneously lean back. Make sure to straighten your back arm. As you sit back up, press the band forward. Do 10 on your right, then 10 on your left.

Put Your Pants On: Despite the name, technically you can do these with your pants OFF. But you might get weird looks from your RV park neighbors. Sit and hold the rope shoulder-width, doubled up, parallel to the ground, and with palms facing down. Step over the jump rope and then back, 10 times on each side.


Repeat these exercises 3 times through to maximize its effectiveness. And if you pair these 4 exercises with the no-jumping exercises from the FIRST video, you’ve got a full body workout that’ll leave you with that satisfied-worked feeling you get after a good workout session.

And if these exercises aren’t your thing, no worries. It doesn’t really matter what mode of strength-training exercises you choose, as long as you do SOMETHING. As always, keep it non-negotiable, gang. It’s the key to aging well and living your best life!