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So, yes. You can get a great workout without any equipment at all. But! If you REALLY want to work your muscles thoroughly, you need some resistance beyond your bodyweight. This especially goes for the muscle groups in your back (think rows and pulls) which are difficult to train without equipment. That’s why in this workout video, I busted out the resistance bands! Let’s work out together, who’s with me!


This exercise routine is about 25 minutes long and will hit your whole body. Since it’s designed for beginners and active seniors, it is also low impact and there’ll be no going down to the floor. Still, even if you’re more advanced, you’ll get a great workout, too. As it goes with resistance bands, you can make this workout go from beginner to advanced just by how challenging a band you use.

The bands I recommend: Bodylastics

I’ve been using Bodylastics bands and recommending them for years. I love the safety feature they build in; a cord inside each band so that if it were to snap while you’re using it, it wouldn’t hit you in the face. Bodylastics bands come in travel-friendly kits with detachable handles and ankle straps, travel-friendly kits with detachable handles and ankle straps, plus you can get various ‘anchors’ for them which basically turn them into a gym’s cable machine (though no anchor needed in this workout).

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Love, Trainer Stef