Full-Body Workout With Resistance Bands for Beginners or Seniors

So, yes. You can get a great workout without any equipment at all. But! If you REALLY want to work your muscles thoroughly, you need some resistance beyond your bodyweight. This especially goes for the muscle groups in your back (think rows and pulls) which are difficult to train without equipment. That’s why in this workout video, I busted out the resistance bands! Let’s work out together, who’s with me!


This exercise routine is about 25 minutes long and will hit your whole body. Since it’s designed for beginners and active seniors, it is also low impact and there’ll be no going down to the floor. Still, even if you’re more advanced, you’ll get a great workout, too. As it goes with resistance bands, you can make this workout go from beginner to advanced just by how challenging a band you use.

The bands I recommend: Bodylastics

While I have no affiliation to the Bodylastics brand, I’ve been using their bands and recommending them for years. I love the safety feature they build in; a cord inside each band so that if it were to snap while you’re using it, it wouldn’t hit you in the face. Bodylastics bands come in travel-friendly kits with detachable handles and ankle straps, plus you can get various ‘anchors’ for them which basically turn them into a gym’s cable machine (though no anchor needed in this workout).

And if you like this workout, try this one next:

My Coordination-Building Workout Routine from last week would make an excellent staple in your workout arsenal.  It’s not only a body workout, it’s a brain workout, too… which is definitely important as we’re aging. While we can’t stop the clock’s tick, we help slow it down by doing exercises that challenge our coordination. So if you haven’t tried it yet, go FIND IT HERE!

Comments are welcomed below. Be well, friends… and go exercise!


Love, Trainer Stef

Stef spent 15 years as an educator in both the public K-12 setting and at the University level in Special Physical Education before making the leap to her true passion… the fitness world. She’s currently a personal trainer and wellness coach with a specialty in working with people with medical conditions and injuries. Stef has been a running enthusiast her entire adult life, and shares James’ love of cycling. She feels lucky they have a shared hobby in bicycling that enhances their RV lifestyle.

    15 thoughts on “Full-Body Workout With Resistance Bands for Beginners or Seniors

    1. Sandra

      Love this video!! I got some resistance bands a few months ago. Being stuck in the house for months on end caused me to get very very lazy. So glad I found this video. It’s just right for this couch potato to get moving.
      Your tone and personality are great.
      Thank you!

    2. Shelley

      Hi Stefany! Just started the Full body work for beginners & seniors. Should I do this everyday or intersperse with cardio or yoga or??
      I really appreciate your videos and printables. Thank you!!

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Hi Shelley! I’m a firm believer in cross-training, and switching up your workouts, getting a wide variety in to keep your body guessing. So! I’d suggest doing this particular workout only once or twice a week, and then do different workouts on the other days. I’ve got a bunch of other workouts here on the website (hit the “workouts” tab!) and then of course intersperse those with cardio workouts, whether that be from workout videos, power walking, bicycling, or whatever it is you enjoy most that gets your heart rate up enough it gets difficult to talk. Wishing you the best, and I’ll be rooting for you! xo

    3. Karl in Berlin

      Hi Stefany. Recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I used your beginners bands workout to get started. Best “starter” vid out there. Emphasis on the core, warmup/down, spine perfect. Have been doing for 1 month without injury, important in someone 70yo.

      Would like more like this one. Some different exercises but with same formula. Thanks, again.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Hi Karl in Berlin, from Stef in Utah! Sorry to hear about your diabetes diagnosis. I’m so happy you’ve embraced exercise as one of the ways you’ll fight back. Exercise really is some of the best medicine… but then it sounds like I don’t have to tell you that. Thank you for your kind feedback about this workout! I’ll put it on my radar to make some more along the lines of this one. Be well and keep exercising! xo

    4. Millie Dappollone

      Hi Stefany, found your video with bands today and loved it!! I’m gonna be 71 on the 24th and would like to stay flexible and your video was perfect! Thank you,

    5. Bev Fenton

      Discovered your workout videos during Covid…LOVE THEM! I’m 62, have MS and exercise is so very important. Besides walking everyday for an hour+ with my dog, I also do one of your videos. Thank you so much for having such a great website!
      PS – Love your kitty too…just saw her amble by on one of your videos!

    6. Denise Brackett

      Hello Stefany, I have been doing your workouts and love them. Thank You so much. Your personality makes exercising more fun. I would like to know if you have a number two like in the resistance bands. I went to order the ones you suggested and they are all out of stock. If not I will be patient and wait for them to get back in stock. Thank You so much for all you do for us RVers.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Thanks for your kind words, Denise! I’m so glad you’ve found my workouts useful. As for bands, what a bummer about Bodylastics being out of stock! Another brand I’m comfortable with is “GoFit”. I did a quick search and it looks like the GoFit brand is sold out everywhere EXCEPT! I found their smaller kit still in stock at bodybuilding.com, SCORE! I’ve never ordered anything from their website before (but it’s a well-established site with an awesome exercise library) so I have no clue on shipping times. Here’s the link to the kit in case you decide to go for it! https://www.bodybuilding.com/store/gofit/ultimate-progym.html?skuId=GOFIT3240031

    7. Linda McSweeney

      Thanks so much for getting me off the couch! Although my hands were busy–knitted a baby sweater…but probably doesn’t count as exercise LOL.

      1. Stefany - Post author

        Congrats on the new baby, such wonderful news! New grand babies are a great motivator to stay fit. There’s nothing like lifting your first grandchild with ease, and dancing around the room with them in your arms. So keep the workouts coming!!! (…and prepare to have your heart stolen) ❤️


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