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We went to the Utah RV Supershow a couple weeks ago, and I thought we would spend most of our time looking at coaches we might buy.  But Stef had other things on her mind.

She set out to prove, single-handedly, that if you’ve got an RV, you can get in a workout literally anywhere.

Even if that RV isn’t yours.

Even if that RV is temporarily occupied by other people.

Even if that RV is at the Utah RV Supershow…

I have to say, she made her point.  Watch this video, and you’ll see Stef exercise and stretch her way through the show using sinks, couches and grab handles – all things most of us can find in our RVs.  She’s really not leaving much room for excuses.  And in spite of all this, we even had time to go and review some coaches, like the 2014 Fleetwood Jamboree Searcher.

The exercises she demonstrates are:

  1. Pull Squats, using the RV Sink
  2. Lean-back Twists, using the couch
  3. Reach-back Squats, using the Entry Handle
  4. Hip Drops, again using the Entry Handle
  5. Calf Raises / Hip Extensions, using the handle just for balance
  6. Cat/Cow stretches, using the handle just for balance