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The first time I introduced partner stretching to hubby James, I had envisioned it going differently. Candles lit, soft background music, I thought we’d have a relaxing, romantic experience that not only was healthy for our bodies, but also would connect us on a deeper level.


It doesn’t go that way when you’re married to Captain Immaturity.

I remember that first time vividly.

Me: “Grab my knee there…ouch, OOMPH, not like that, I said my knee! Quit squishing me!

Him: “Oooo, I have a BETTER idea; put your right hand here…

Me: “Uh… OK.”

Him: “Now put your left foot over there.”

Me: “That isn’t stretching, it’s Twister!

Him: “Oh come on, just try it. Bet you can’t!

Me: “Fine.

After that, our stretch session slid right down into childish playtime. Which is how, to this day, they typically still end. I long ago gave up on the notion that anything about partner stretching could be relaxing and romantic being married to James. But you know what? Turns out playtime with my hubby, through these partner stretching sessions, is pretty cool in its own way. We get a healthy dose of QT, we do a lot of laughing, AND we get to check flexibility exercises off our To Do list for the day.

In this video, James and I demonstrate 4 partner stretches, all common ones we do together. For the most part, he behaved during the filming of this video (yes, he was bribed), but still you can get a taste of what I have to work with. I really hope you and your partner will try them. It’s a great idea for a lighthearted date night activity… yoga pants instead of high heels, heck ya!

Leave some comments and let me know what you think, and how they worked for you and your partner. Who knows, maybe your partner is a grown up, and you will find that stretching together is romantic and relaxing! (Or, you never know, you may just improve your Twister game.)