Stay Fit in Your RV – The Sink Workout


First, there was the Couch Workout. Then, the Bed Workout. And now we’ve got the Sink Workout! Three great exercise routines you can do in your RV to keep you fit & fabulous while on the road. The Sink Workout consists of these 4 calorie-torching exercises:

  1. Pull Squats
  2. Speed Skaters
  3. Lunging Nudges
  4. Pushing Reaches

Do 10 repetitions of each exercise and then move on to the next exercise so you’re doing this workout as a circuit. Once you get to the last exercise, repeat the whole circuit twice more.


Remember, friends, exercise has got to be a non-negotiable part of each day if we want to be healthy and age well. It helps us stay motivated when we actually LIKE the exercises we do. Try experimenting with different styles of exercises to find what interests you, whether it be this Sink Workout, or perhaps using the portable TRX straps or resistance bands! We’ve already established that walking isn’t enough in our battle against Father Time, so make sure you include regular resistance workouts to your fitness arsenal – in the RV or not!

What are you still sitting there for?!? Hit play on the video, and let’s get Sinking!

Stefany Adinaro is an RVing fitness pro and is the self-proclaimed “better half” of the Fit RV website. While she loves her RV adventures, her favorite adventure is being “Mugga” to grandbabies Amelia and Eli. When she's not on the road, you can find her training clients in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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